DIY: How you can easily build your own website with the help of Google and start earning

Build your own website

Google My business has been around for years now. Many small business are benefiting from Google’s simple yet robust services. Simply put, Google has over 1.2 billion exclusive users per month which makes it an... Read More...

By Stephen Meyer

How to create visually appealing Facebook cover images?

Facebook cover image design tips

Facebook is a medium where the more creative you get the more attention you get. Cover images is one such real estate that can get you your target audience’s attention. Creating such attractive cover images... Read More...

By Alice Poppins

Step by step guide to create professional videos from your iPhone

Guide to create videos

Data shows that video content is more effective than any other form of content. More and more businesses are investing their marketing budgets in creating video content to gain their customer attention. Now, what if... Read More...

By Elizabeth Bennet

Tips from 14 Ecommerce entrepreneurs who made it big in online retail

Tips from ecommerce entrepreneurs

Ecommerce business needs entrepreneurs to constantly innovate their strategy in order to get success. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that can make a huge difference on your business. Here are fourteen ecommerce experts... Read More...

By Jasper Hale

Real examples of how online brands are generating leads from social media

Lead generation from social media

Social media is on one of the top priorities for ecommerce marketers to focus on in 2017. Cutting through the noise and generating qualified leads for your business can be an uphill task. There is... Read More...

By Mady Cullen

Getting attention of Buzzfeed editors just got easy for Shopify users

Shopify announces a Buzzfeed channel

Buzzfeed is an amazing and most viewed media platform on the internet. The high viewership also makes it a lucrative platform to promote your products and reach out to your customers. Shopify partnered with Buzzfeed... Read More...

By Stephen Meyer

5 best Checkout page designs of top ecommerce retailers

Checkout page designs

Ecommerce Checkout page design is a critical factor for e-commerce conversions. Unlike physical stores wherein the annoyance of people waiting in the checkout lanes is a telltale sign of inconvenience, online retail checkout lacks that... Read More...

By Stephen Meyer

Twitter introduced four new buttons to trigger engagement

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is coming up with innovative engagement strategies for converting the social platform into a profit making entity. The latest from Twitter are four new buttons which will help brands to get people engage outside... Read More...

By Elizabeth Bennet

Warehousing and distribution cost are supposed to go up in coming times


Ecommerce is growing with each passing year and this has created a demand for more warehousing and distributions space. As per the latest report warehousing and distribution costs are predicted to go on steep rice... Read More...

By Richard Kipling

Prevent fraudsters and trolls from stealing your brand identity

Brand Identity

Protecting your brand identity online is critical if you are running an ecommerce business. Fraudsters and trolls are always on a look out for an opportunity wherein they can completely create a duplicate of your... Read More...

By Mady Cullen

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