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About Us

QeRetail is an independent, full service agency dedicated to eRetailers.

Have you ever hired a professional handyman or even a friend to help you with some minor jobs such as gardening, lawn care, fixing a leaky pipe or even helped you clean up after a large party? You think about how much of a relief it was to have such help and the amount of extra time it would have taken you.

QeRetail.com is that handyman for your online store that provides additional help without the expensive IT's that charge by the hour. QeRetail.com is a friendly and affordable handyman that are there to lend a hand when you need that extra help. From product placement to a complete store redesign, QeRetail.com is your handyman for your online store that does everything on a job basis at affordable rates!

We have helped more than 1000 eStore go online and succeed. Not being affiliated to any one eStore platform providers allows us keep our focus on your requirement and use the best in class tools to ensure you are using the most optimum solution for your needs. Some of our most experienced techies are constantly researching & experimenting with the latest in design and developments methods in the eStore space.

We are based out of the beautiful San Fernando Valley in California and have calibrated our global sourcing model to ensure that you never pay more than your competitors.