Things to sell on Valentine’s Day on your eCommerce Store in 2024

January 30, 2024

Valentine’s Day, a celebration steeped in love and affection, presents a golden opportunity for eCommerce stores to connect with customers and offer unforgettable gifts. As we step into 2024, let’s explore the latest trends and statistics to guide your eCommerce strategy and showcase the perfect products for this romantic occasion.

Valentine’s Day Product Trends

It is always a wise choice to understand the market trends in advance. To capture the essence of romance in 2024, focus on these trending products.

  • Personalized Gifts: The desire for unique and meaningful gifts is on the rise. Offer customizable options such as engraved jewelry, personalized artwork, or monogrammed accessories.
  • Experience Packages: Elevate the gifting experience with curated packages, including romantic getaways, spa vouchers, or virtual cooking classes for couples.
  • Tech-Enhanced Gifts: Embrace the digital age with tech-savvy presents like smart home devices, virtual reality experiences, or even personalized mobile apps for couples.

Understanding Consumer Preferences

There are certain Valentine’s Day gifts that never go out of fashion. Then, there are some new gifts out there in the market that break the market. 

You need to understand and tailor your product offerings based on consumer preferences.

Top Spending Categories:

Demographic Insights:

Before we go further into the demographics, here is a fun fact. Nearly 6 million couples get engaged every year on Valentine’s Day. 

  • Men: Offer curated gift guides and emphasize high-quality, luxury items, as men tend to spend more, with an average of $249.
  • Women: Create budget-friendly options appealing to the 60% of women who purchase flowers for themselves. Emphasize self-love and empowerment. Also, when buying on Valentine’s, women spend an average of $57 on a single Valentine’s gift

Crafting Your Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategy

Now, let’s delve into the irresistible realm of Valentine’s marketing statistics, where numbers paint a compelling picture. Our focus will be on the dynamic duo of marketing channels – email and social media.

Before we dive into those channels, it’s crucial to understand what captures the hearts of customers in terms of loyalty program rewards this Valentine’s Day. Here’s a breakdown based on customer feedback:

  • Discounts on Products – 55%
  • Expedited Shipping for that Special Touch – 34%
  • Enhanced Return Policies for Peace of Mind – 30%
  • Free Samples with Every Purchase – 26%
  • Complimentary Gift Wrapping – 20%

These insights provide a roadmap for crafting loyalty programs that resonate with the desires and expectations of customers during the season of love.

Leverage these Valentine’s Day marketing tips so you can maximize your reach. 

Email Campaigns

Implement targeted email campaigns emphasizing exclusive deals, limited-edition releases, and personalized product recommendations.

Analyzing Valentine’s Day email campaigns revealed the varying levels of activity among different businesses. Flower shops took the lead, sending an average of 38.3 emails, closely followed by chocolatiers:

  • Flowers: 38.3 emails on average
  • Chocolate: 21.3 emails on average
  • Mass merchants: 21 emails on average
  • Jewelry: 7.4 emails on average

However, the effectiveness of these campaigns, as indicated by open rates, tells a compelling story about the most sought-after Valentine’s Day gifts and also compelling Valentine’s Day email subject lines:

  • Flowers: 17.2%
  • Chocolate: 11%
  • Mass merchants: 15.2%
  • Jewelry: 9%

These numbers unveil not just the quantity but also the resonance of different products in the hearts of consumers during the romantic season.

Social Media Engagement on Valentine’s Day

Explore fascinating Valentine’s Day facts and statistics to enhance your social media campaigns:

Keyword Analysis:

  • The primary term associated with “Valentine’s Day” in social media data is “shop.”
  • “Shop” and “gift” are identified 131.17% more frequently than the term “love.”

Shopping Behavior of Younger Demographics:

  • 60% of Generation Z and 56% of millennial social media users prefer conducting holiday shopping on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.
  • This shift in shopping behavior among younger demographics presents valuable opportunities for targeted and engaging marketing efforts on these popular channels during the Valentine’s season.

For more Valentine’s Day content ideas, please read our latest blog. 

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Tips for Your Online Store

You can create a memorable shopping experience and increase your revenue during Valentine’s Day using these last-minute tips. 

  • Product Bundles: Create bundled offerings that make gift shopping convenient for customers. Combine complementary products like flowers, chocolates, and personalized cards.
  • Personalization Options: Integrate features that allow customers to add personal touches to their purchases, such as custom messages, gift wrapping, or engraving.


As your eCommerce store prepares for the Valentine’s Day rush in 2024, strategic product selection and targeted marketing will be your Cupid’s arrows. Capitalize on consumer preferences, emphasize personalization, and create a shopping experience that goes beyond transactions, fostering meaningful connections with your customers. 

With the right mix of trending products and thoughtful marketing, your eCommerce store can become the go-to destination for heartfelt gifts, making this Valentine’s Day a memorable and love-filled celebration for all.

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