6 Web Design Trends That Will Slay in 2018

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As 2017 winds down, it’s a good time to think about your achievement and mistakes and gear up for 2018. You’ll be able to see visual elements on the screens, asymmetrical designs, there are many designs which will be front runners of 2018. Here are designs that will be looked forward to in 2018

6 Web Design Trends for 2018

1. Flat designs are dying a slow death

In 2014, Co. Design predicted in upcoming years. And this year, designers will follow his prediction. Designers are experimenting with asymmetrical designs, gradients and drop shadows.
A study by Nielsen Norman Group in 2017 showed user took to navigate through ultra flat designs.

2. Performance is the key

In 2016, we’d seen a drastic transition in the browsing habits of users. . So, in 2018 we’re likely to experience innovation which enhances the mobile performances.

Initially, mobile designs were limited due to limited bandwidth and viewports. But with the coming of intelligent conversational bots, voice search, language recognition and processing and geolocation. We can see a lot of new innovations which will drive 2018 trends.

3. Bright colors will be used more

Bright colors seem to be the trend that will stay there. Bright colors catch the eye of a user easily and can engage the user in the design. Bright and bold colors show a modern tangent of a contemporary design. For example, Ford doesn’t come to mind as a progressive, hip company, but the design for the microsite exudes these emotions.

4. Bold and expressive typography design

Freedom lies in being boldness. So why not to inculcate this freedom in our designs? To go along with web design trends of 2018, . Bold, vibrant typography helps in catching a customer’s attention. It also aids in setting the right theme and tone of a website.

For mobile responsive pages, this will help. Eliminating images and highlighting typography will not only clear negative space but also make logos and call to action visibly noticeable.

5. Animation and gifs

John William Noorie highlighted the importance of animations in the upcoming web design trends. has a massive number of animations that you can add to your brand’s website or app. It renders after effect animations in real time, allowing apps and websites to use animations and GIFs as easy as they use static images.

6. Scrolling effects

Parallax scrolling has already died and many designers recognize a slow load time and a negative impact on usability represent too high to pay a price for the effect. So preventing those, designers have lately started using an attached background image that doesn’t scroll with the page. Below is a great example-

Is your website ready for 2018?

An outdated website can decrease conversions considerably. Flat designs, nonresponsive designs, lack of modern vision can make a client loose faith in you; Ultimately losing business. Let your creative design and development team bring out the best. May this year, you shine like a star,

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