The Significance of eCommerce Blog Design for your Online Business

eCommerce Blog Design

Launched an eCommerce store and you expect it to earn a fortune for you without including the blog? Truly speaking, that would be an unrealistic expectation.

Consumers have become smart these days. They don’t buy a product without having complete information about it. Your blog can educate your customers about your products and brand.

This is not the only reason of including a blog section on your eCommerce website, There are other reasons too which are mentioned below –

Generates Traffic

One of the biggest mistakes digital marketers do is to put their maximum efforts in converting the visitors into customers. In that case, generating traffic is not focused on and gets ignored. How can you maximize customers if you have not generated enough traffic at first place?

As per , companies that blog get 55% more visitors than the companies that don’t.

Thus, Blogging helps in achieving high search engine ranking which helps in driving more traffic towards the eCommerce store. How can a website achieve high search engine ranking due to blogging? Below are some facts –

  • Posting a blog regularly is a sign that your website is active and search engines give preference to websites updating their content on a regular basis.
  • Blogging increases the number of pages on your website which are pointing to your eCommerce store Homepage resulting to high search engine ranking.
  • More keywords can be targeted by posting blogs on a regular basis. This increases the possibility of website getting ranked with different keywords.
  • If your blog gets shared on social media, obviously your website, brand, and products get popular which increases the chances of high search engine ranking.
  • Strong internal links to the product pages of your online store can be created using blogs, which helps your customers to find your products easily.

Builds Trust

You might be having great products displayed on your eCommerce store. But, what if you don’t provide detailed tips or how to use tutorials relating to the products you sell, then that might not encourage the visitors to buy from your store.

For example, the online store of clothing and accessories named – Designed By Humans has a blog consisting of the details relating to the products the store sells. This helps visitors of the store to buy confidently.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Blogging is not free but if you compare to other ways of digital marketing, it can be considered as quite cost-effective. Agreed that for blogs you need to hire content writers but that would be less amount spent than on , social media and .

Also, if you compare the results, you get benefit out of blog posted months. The more blogs you post, the better ROI you generate.

Enhances Brand Identity

The blog gives you a freedom of expressing your thoughts about the brand you are marketing. It gives voice to your brand and helps in enhancing its identity.

Not only that, you also give power to your audience to respond to your thoughts through their comments. You can reply to the comments and clarify your beliefs and eliminate the grievances or misconceptions about your brand if any.

eCommerce Blog Design That Helps In Converting

Now you know how important is blogging for your online store. So, what are you waiting for?

We understand that owning an online business is not an easy job and keeps you super busy. But, blogging is not something which should be delayed for this reason.

You can get an eCommerce blog designed from which is a one-stop shop destination for online retailers. Just get in touch with us and we will design an attractive blog matching to the theme of your already existing eCommerce store.