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Generate Immediate Sales with PPC Marketing for eCommerce

Strategic eCommerce advertising that drives targeted traffic to your
product pages and increase conversions.

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eCommerce PPC Management

Why you should invest in PPC?

Because, there’s no better place to be seen then at the top of search results

Pay-Per-Click Advertising also known as paid search marketing is a strategy followed by millions of businesses to drive traffic or customers with purchase intent to their website.

In today’s time of stiff competition, it is a herculean task to get a position on page one of Google organically. Pay-per-click services is the best way to put your products on top and increase conversions.

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Spend $50 to Get $100 Adwords Credit Free from Google + First Campaign Setup is on us

Our team of PPC experts will help you effectively utilize your $100 free PPC credit offered by Google Adwords. We will help you set-up your account, create your first ad campaign and get you started at No Cost.

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PPC Campaign Management

Ecommerce PPC management

Search Ads

Search Ads helps you attract customers with specific goals to optimized landing pages of your website relevant to their search query.

Everyday there are thousands of people searching for specific products on Google. Among them there are people with a high purchase intent who are ready to buy a specific product. Search Ads help you target them and convert them to customers using text ads.

PPC Management Services

Google Shopping Ads (PLA)

Google Shopping is the one of the best advertising platforms for ecommerce merchants. It heavily depends on product feeds that lives in your Google merchant center.

These product feeds contains high level details of your products and are optimized in a fashion that Google loves. Google will match the search intent of users and consider factors such as feeds, your website and the bids to determine when to trigger your product ads.

Google Shopping Ads

Remarketing Ads

Re-engage your visitors with remarketing ads. Not all visitors who visit your website will make a purchase. A big chunk will leave without making a purchase on their first visit.

Remarketing Ads will re-engage them by showing ads of the products they viewed on your website when they are online. Its very effective to establish brand recognition, bring visitors back to your website & make them purchase ready.

Remarketing Ads

Display Ads

Display Ads helps you attract customers to your products while they are not actively looking for it, however in a well-timed and relevant manner.

Unlike search ads which works around keywords, display ads allows you to target webpages on specific topics or has specific keywords. Banners Ads are placed on websites & blogs which contains articles or information closest to your products. Display Ads targets people who are in product research mode and pushes them towards making a purchase.

Google Display Ads

360º PPC Management Service

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Copy Writing
  • Ad Banner design
  • Campaign Setup
  • Conversion & Tracking Setup
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Monthly Reports
  • Regular Bid Optimization
  • Feed Submission
  • Feed Optimization
  • geo-targeting
  • Negative Keywords Management


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Choose any one network
(Search Ads or Display Ads)
$499 Onetime Setup Fees
Upto 2000
Monthly Ad Spend
$699 Onetime Setup Fees
Monthly Ad Spend
12% of Ad Spend
$899 Onetime Setup Fees
Monthly Ad Spend
Campaign Setup
Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Shopping Advertising (PLA)
Remarketing Advertising
Conversion Tracking
Google Analytics Set-up
Google Merchant Center Setup
Text Ads 1 20 35 55
Banner Ads 1 provided by the client,
or creative banner
design is paid
5 images (1 Set) 15 images (3 Set)
Keywords Bids Optimization
Weekly Reports
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