Shopping from Instagram

December 16, 2016
Shopping from Instagram

It’s a research finding that most shoppers browsing on mobiles take more than a day to make the purchase behind which the reason is that they aren’t able to get the full product information then and there so switch over to other modes to get convinced on the purchase. With instagram, it’s now going to be possible you just tap to view the various items in a picture, post which you would be able to check the price tag upon which you tap to go to the detailed product information page on the actual shopping website from where you finish the purchase! Isn’t it exciting to do the shopping through instagram and even to sell on instagram for your estore/online store? Definitely yes!

Great brands posting pics on instagram eventually want to drag users to do the purchase; but they have got this limit of no direct link sharing unless they can comment the link beneath. While including the product link in the bio section of the picture profile is possible, there’s a limit of just a single link so you got to tediously update the link every time for multiple products. Instagram shopping program is intended to bridge these gaps and take the users through to a successful purchase on the site for the eCommerce store thus targeting a seamless integration customer centric experience!.

Note that this is a test app for now where a very few businesses have taken it up; it awaits business feedbacks, research on product explorations, product showcasing, and analysis on expansion worldwide, to spread the implementation! At the end, it is a great shopping experience for consumers and a wealthy selling experience for businesses, that the instagram targets!

How does it work?

Say you see a nice product on instagram and you would like to purchase,

  • you would know if the item owner has implemented the instagram shopping on it.
  • If there’s a Tap to view button beneath then yes, shopping through instagram is possible for the item.
  • Click on the item to get details on it
  • Buying just on the basis of image isn’t happening largely so you are directed to the product page
  • Check the product information, pricing here
  • Use the shop now link on the instagram shopping product pages for further steps
  • Finish the purchase

ECommerce store owners, be happy to know you can even link Multiple products in a single image! Also since the product page stays on instagram, the customer isn’t taken to the eCommerce website unless he is sure to make the purchase but he may continue browsing further on instagram.


  • You get to simply view photos as you always do on instagram
  • You get to browse on items you are interested in
  • You get to make a complete purchase when you want to grab an item!
  • As a businessman, you get more users from the instagram user chunk!

Know more on instagram for business here. People discussion on this can be found here.

While 2 to 3 brands alone have implemented this now, 20 others are on a test mode to see how it serves. If you are on a lookout for more details or for custom development services like starting an instagram store service, ask us now.

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