How Can Live Chat Increase eCommerce Store Sales?

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Customer interaction is important for any business. eCommerce is an ever progressive industry and we need to keep apace with the existing technology.

Customer interaction is important for any business. Imagine going to a regular shop. Before buying a product you can ask any question related to it. This kind of interaction helps to build a feeling of trust and works as an incentive to boost sales.

Now consider shopping on an eCommerce website. The product description may contain all the information but still, customers might want to ask for some additional information. This is where live chat comes to your rescue. Live chat can help consumers to solve their queries.

Almost all eCommerce websites have a phone number and email address under the help and contact tab. But these traditional communication channels have many pitfalls. So, one of the better options is to have a live chat included.

In the recent times, live chat has gained popularity. A customer survey shows:

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Hence Live chat can help in giving you an edge over your competitors.

Here is an article which gives you all the valid reasons to use live chat in order to boost conversions

5 Reasons for Using Live Chat in Your eCommerce Sales

1. Your consumers get an instant reply

Live chat gives a convenient shopping experience for your consumers. Just by looking at the chat window, your consumer will get a sigh of relief that someone is there to solve all their queries. offers them an instant option to chat with a reliable source and goes ahead to the checkout page without any doubts. According to Bold Chat, live chat can increase a site’s engagement rate by

2. Increase in conversions and sales

Despite having a user-friendly site with well-planned marketing campaigns, some brands are still not able to get consumers. Live chat can help in altering the situation.

People using live chat are 2.8 times more likely to convert than non-chatters. have reportedly bought products as a result of convincing chat interactions. Data also shows that people who use live chat spend 60% more than average customers.

3. You can outstand

Many top online retailers are not offering chat feature. If you want to gain an edge over your competitors, you need to integrate live chat. Live chat is the key to climb to the top of the ladder. The report by eMarketer shows,

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The cost savings and convenience for both the employees and consumers make live chat a viable option for businesses today.

4. Better business insight

By interacting with customers, you can get to know about their preferences. Live chat enables you to know about your consumer’s purchasing behavior in a better manner. It helps you in improving your product and services. It helps you in improving your website.

5. It is frugal

Live chat is much affordable and easier to manage than a call center.

live chat

Your experts can chat with multiple people at the same time. This decreases the cost and increases the efficiency of handling a large volume of inquiries.

Now it’s your turn
On an average, an online business has per month with over 14 minutes duration per chat. For any eCommerce website, having a live chat option is the need of the hour. Initially, it may appear to be costly. But in the longer run, it will impact your business.

Should your eCommerce website have a live chat support? What do you think about adding it to your site in 2018?