6 Practical Reasons Live Chat Is Important for Your Ecommerce Business

live chat

The only thing that makes consumers doubt about eCommerce business is the absence of a backend chat support which can help them in real time with precision. Online shopping is getting more and more prominent. Online retailers continuously need to be in touch with their consumers.

Customer service is the key to a successful eCommerce business. It involves various tools such as phone support, emails and now live chat is also emerging.

What is a live chat? A live chat is a convenient platform where a consumer can get assistance from a customer service executive, while they are logged on to your store.

Here are some factors listing the importance of integrating live chat into your eCommerce store

1. Cost effective

Phone expenses will be reduced considerably by incorporating the live chat feature. This is because it helps in lowering the average phone expenses.

The live chat also boosts efficiency as the sales representatives can handle multiple chat windows at a time, eliminating the need for hiring more people.

2. Live chat is convenient for customers

Why are people so much into online shopping? This is because they love the convenience attached to it. No standing in the long queue, no tiresome selection of clothes, no going to the shopping malls and other places to buy stuff.

Just sit and home, shop your favorite products and get them delivered to your doorstep.

But along with this, a customer expects his or her query gets resolved in the shortest time and that he doesn’t need to wait too long to get a response.

Hence, live chat comes as a perfect alternative, promising to instantly solve any concerns. It also allows customers to do more than one job while waiting, it at all it is required.

live chat

3. Sales booster

A general trend among users in marketing forums and blogs show that live chat leads to a visible surge sales numbers.

The key here is that customers immediately have someone who can walk them through a sale or can clear their doubts. This automatically reduces the bounce rate, hence increasing the sales.

Once a consumer is engaged with a sales assistant who can understand his or her needs, the assistant is in a perfect position to recommend additional purchases that may be the perfect fit for that particular person.

4. Live chat gives you an edge over your competitors

Customers who already have an experience of live chat will expect to see it in other places as well. After all, shoppers would resort to a store that has a faster, more efficient customer support system in place, where service reps have meaningful conversations with the customer, and cases are resolved almost immediately, without having to wait.

Therefore, an eStore having a live chat support will be preferred more than the competitor who doesn’t offer it.

5. You get to study the transcripts

Transcripts are really helpful in studying and analyzing the customer’s behavior and get a sneak peek into their likes and dislikes.

A transcript helps you in remembering what products to suggest to a customer based on their previous purchases. It also makes you understand what is lacking in your business, addresses customers pain points, measures to rectify and whether your staff requires any further training in it or not.

6. Better customer relations and customer retention

Conversations are always a better alternative to learn and retain consumers than the phone counterpart.

The more satisfied your customers are, the more they will come back to your store and the more they will refer you to their friends and family.

Through the live chat feature, you can look forward to a long term relationship with your customers by showing you truly care about their inputs and happiness.

Integrate Live Chat into your eCommerce store

The best thing about live chat is that it is a universal medium which is beyond the restrictions of accent and voice quality.

A sales representative can initiate a live chat with your consumer and explain everything by the message. Every conversation is saved and can be used for future reference.