Google shopping app for BigCommerce

Google shopping app for BigCommerce

After the non-stop achievements, Google has again left its mark by stepping into the BigCommerce and creating the Google shopping app. It has ease down the need of verification and validation required for listing the products in Google Shopping. The aim of this app is to minimize the efforts required for setup and installation. Thus, making it easier for an ecommerce store holder to invite more visitors.

How Google shopping app leads to increase conversion rate?

Before the Google app for BigCommerce was introduced the cost as well as the efforts to integrate an ecommerce store was hectic. But now the procedure has become much easier. It is said that the app will help in adding more customers to the website and also for the long term.

Google app for BigCommerce is also called a no-brain app as there is no need to spend your precious time once you set it up with your Estore. Now you must be wondering why this app is called a no brain app. Well, let’s discuss it in detail. Earlier, the store owners had to make changes to the HTML pages to provide the access to the Google Adword platform. And when the appropriate changes were made they had to add FTP feeds for all the products they had in their Estore.

The process followed before was time consuming and in case, if any step is missed due to lack of information the online store holders were not able to add their product to Google Shopping. Introduction of this app to the BigCommerce has made the work easier.

Due to this app, the revenue and ecommerce conversions have surged to thrice the income generated earlier. And as this app is made by Google so, automatically it brings the site to the top list in the Google search which decreases the amount online store holder had to spend on SEO which also results in increase conversion rate.

Need for the Google App

We have already discussed how this app is helpful. But on the technical note what was the need of this app? This app has taken care of the security related to web over HTTP to provide a safe and secure experience. On the other hand, it is connected to the backend directly now, which makes the fetching of notifications easier.

A smart move is required to get included in the top business list. And to achieve this aim, hard work alone cannot work. The knowledge and implementation of latest technology is also needed. Google app is one of those technologies that will help in increasing the ecommerce conversions. So, get this app for your store right away to optimize the shopping campaign this holiday. To know more about this, us and have a look at our .