The future of ecommerce : mobile commerce

June 27, 2016
The future of ecommerce : mobile commerce

Do you believe mobile payments would go by more than 150% and mobile commerce generated sales would be more than $600 billion in next 3 years? More than 15% of the eStore conversions are attributed to smartphone conversions. This is how the future of ecommerce is; it is going to be mobile commerce or m-commerce very soon!

Every retailer wants to stay ahead of the curves in the retail industry and is keen in providing the best to the customers. To talk on a few stats/facts,

  • BigCommerce is heavily thriving as the most recommended ecommerce software since 2009 for many independent retailers and stands proud receiving more than $75m funding!
  • A famous American Business magazine predicts customers would no longer be loading up carts rather would be easily trying on the products they are looking for, scan for purchase & get them delivered in a very few hours! By this it conveys how dominating the mobiles, proper video content/social media connect for the estore are today. Curation/personalisation capabilities of an ecommerce platform is already a big part of ecommerce says another study. The necessity for every business in making a great social connect and show customer care by giving him all the possibilities & customer offers/rewards wherever/whenever possible is quite explicit here!
  • Mobile commerce, that is giving the business websites compatible for mobiles as in Responsive eStores, is highly crucial to success says the founder of an online shopping website based in the United States since 2007!
  • Traditional blogging is overtaken by streamlined content marketing strategies in ecommerce where the 13 checkpoints here are the heart of ecommerce future,
    1. Video, curated content social profiles,
    2. social updates, qRated content, mobile apps
    3. reverse guest blogging, free digital downloads,
    4. reverse guest blogging, user-generated content,
    5. co-creation, newsletter/email,
    6. inforgraphics and Google+ hangouts.

So what are things to be considered for mobile commerce platforms? Ensure to have a mobile applications for your business, make sure you have mobile optimized ecommerce site, and responsive estores is something you just can’t ignore to have!

Advantages of having a responsive web design over the mobile optimized site is its versatility; mobile sites optimized for one OS may not look great in other OS but a responsive site looks uniformly good in any device/any OS. Same html code sitting with flexible CSS adjusts the site based on the device, automatically, managing the load time & the entire UX. Javascript-adaptive is Google’s favourite; know it!

Designing/managing a highly relevant best structured content great enough for the search engines to pick them up in the first 1-2 pages of SERPs is an art. AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are quick in loading the web pages & do a fast content delivery due to cloud caching making it easier for Google to fetch everytime the site is hit.

Facebook’s Instant Articles has something for ecommerce businesses to take away; what is it? It is a forum for publishers to construct fast & interactive stories on the social media platform. Know more here!

Hybrid apps are the best in offering the flexibility to users and to provide the best UX. If you are on a look out for assistance in developing a responsive site for your business or conversion from non-responsive to responsive service or anything in ecommerce, make sure to ask us right now at QeRetail!

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