Everything you Need to Know About eCommerce Personalization

eCommerce Personalization

believe that retailers who personalize the online shopping experience provide a valuable service.

What exactly is eCommerce Personalization?

eCommerce personalization is customizing online experience for each and every specific shopper on a real-time basis.

Customized shopping experience can be provided to the customers in various ways through –

  • Website
  • Product Recommendations
  • Emails
  • Social Media Notifications

Why Should you go for eCommerce Personalization?

As per , 48% of consumers are likely to spend more on the online store providing the personalized experience.

Customers feel special and attended to if they get personalized experience in the store and thus your store gets a special place in their hearts.

Let’s say if your store is packed up in a box and made it invisible as if it never existed. Will your customers miss your store? If not, then definitely, your customers are not getting a personalized experience from your store.

To excel in your industry, your store needs to stand out different from others by providing something which others are not providing and that is personalization.

How to Provide Personalized Experience?

Website Personalization

When a website’s content and visuals are customized and displayed for the users, it is known as website personalization. For example, for a customer purchasing from your store since long, a high discount code can be auto-applied at the time of checkout.
Website personalization enables the user to get relevancy in their experience and is likely to make higher purchases from your store. Moreover, it can help in reducing cart abandonment and help you in increasing conversions by around 30%.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Recommending the products based on buyers’ persona is highly effective as they feel that the store really knows their likes and dislikes. For example, if user A is a female and has always been interested in XYZ brand. In this case, you can display a customized offer on the XYZ brand and get it displayed to the user A.

Personalized product recommendations is like displaying the right products in the front of right people and maximizing sales.

Triggering Personalized Emails

Personalized emails can be sent when a customer has abandoned the cart showing them the products they have left in the cart with some text which can encourage them to come back to the store and make the purchase.

Also, when the customers have left some products in their wish lists, personalized emails can be sent to them informing about the extra discount available on those products so that they can get tempted to complete their purchases.

Personalized Social Networking Notifications

Real-time updates on social networking platforms whether it is about stock ending very soon or shoppers’ behavior can be considered as personalized social networking notifications.

For example, statements like “X number of people are shopping for the items you have liked on our store” is a personalized social networking notification which can encourage the users to complete their purchases.

eCommerce Personalization: An Innovative Approach Towards Better Conversions

eCommerce personalization can actually help you in providing a wonderful shopping experience to your customers. But, before you execute some ideas for , ensure that you have an innovative approach towards understanding your consumers’ behavior so that you get returns meeting your goals and expectations.