7 effective tricks to increase traffic and sales of your eCommerce store

increase traffic and sells of your ecommerce store

Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your estore goes a long way from knowing your stock size, types of goods to be sold, payment types to be accommodated, hosting choice, till your budget for the platform. Once you’ve set up your online store, next challenge is the eStore conversions; how to increase the traffic on ecommerce site and increase sales? We will make it easy for you now!

  1. Are you doing paid ads showing up in search engine results page? If yes, are you directing the ads to the corresponding landing pages or you’re leading them to your eCommerce site home page? You must send searchers to the right landing page (the unique one based on the keyword) or to the category page that matches the users search query, be the customer anywhere on his journey in your estore. Let’s talk more in the upcoming article, on optimisation of landing pages in such a way they increase traffic.
  2. The product title/ text description and the product description should be unique, with well framed keywords built by a rigorous keyword research, so the search engines can index your estore page for those targeted audience. Duplicate descriptions get spammed, beware!

  3. Once you have the traffic on your ecommerce site, the next challenge is to get them find the right products so they’re driven towards eStore conversions. Optimising the search button falls in first place here; the placement, colour of the text box, size and colour of the search icon, category drop down to the left of text box for search query, cursor focus and the space around this set up matter a lot.
  4. Cart abandonment and increase in bounce rate happen mainly due to low page speeds. How you optimise the images on your site, site caching mechanism, minimising https requests, reducing server response time, compression for bandwidth reduction, reducing the code extras like blank line and so, optimising CSS, ensuring just the top portion of pages load faster, plugin usage, and reducing redirections are crucial to retain the current ecommerce traffic, enhance it and increase sales.
  5. Complicated checkout and forced registrations at checkout are going to be highly negative on your estore. Make sure you simplify checkout and allow guest checkout. Include default shipping and default payment for repeat customers, pick out the card type from the payment card digits entered, derive the address from postcode, friendly mobile checkout, showing the process indicator, including security features and asking only what’s needed are some of the ways for optimizing your store checkout for better eStore conversions
  6. Hidden shipping costs pose a threat to ecommerce traffic. Are you transparent? Be open and upfront. Try to give free shipping where possible. Do A/B tests on various order value threshold to decide what works for you. Account returns and packaging costs when considering shipping costs. Why don’t you include a part of shipping in product price so reduce or offer free shipping?
  7. Don’t miss out to go mobile and tablet friendly.

That’s quite a simple detail on , we believe but then it takes a decent expertise to achieve these at reasonable costs. and more may be required as a part of building a happening online store.