10 tips for mastering e-commerce conversion rate optimization

10 tips for mastering e-commerce conversion rate optimization

According to a recent study by the marketing research group, the conversion rate for an ecommerce store is about 1.4 percent. It is also noted that the percent rate is 5 percent for the top notch performer. The ratio of customer retention for the online store is assumed to be 1 out of 100 visits.

Do you desire to be better than the rest and want to stand out of the crowd?? If yes, then you need to make sure that the ecommerce conversions are more than the mentioned percentage.

Fortunately or unfortunately, most of the online store suffers from the issues which can be easily fixed.

Down there are a few points that can be considered while fixing the most common problems regarding, the increase conversion rate.

  • Add multiple payment gateway for ease
    We all know that all the payment gateways are not available in different countries. So, adding multiple payment gateways can make the payment process convenient for the people purchasing products from the store.
  • Use genuine reviews to attract genuine customers
    Trust is the key to ecommerce conversions. Most of the consumers defy the fact that the reviews present on an ecommerce site are genuine. In order to make the consumers believe that reviews are real, using an independent platform can be a nice idea.
  • Progress Indicator avoids the situation of being lost
    It is noted that about two-third of the customers abandon a product before it goes through the final stage of checkout. It happens when the process becomes tiring and people do not get to know on which stage of completion they are present. So, try to add a progress bar on the top of the checkout page and let the consumers know how many more forms they need to fill.
  • Product Images
    “Pictures speak a thousand words,” is an old cliché that is true in the modern world too. Try to add the images that are high quality and captivating. It will enhance the sale of the products on a particular website.
  • Stand apart from the competitors
    Another aspect that needs to be thought on is “what makes you different from others.” Almost all the ecommerce stores provide the same facilities to their users. In this scenario, it becomes really difficult to allure the customers to use your website instead of others. So, if you do not have a unique concept or different idea that sets you apart from the competitors, you need to rethink and revamp your store now.
  • Brief description can get more customers
    Always try to be brief about the product. If details are present on the website, customers would not hesitate to buy the product. It grows the trust of the consumers over the Estore.
  • 24×7 Live chat
    Believe it or not, live chat acts as an add-on for the sites where customers do not want to wait for the email replies. It can be a plus point when the details about the product are not briefly present on the website. People can chat with the customer care to know more about the same.
  • Moving pictures, adds more description
    Videos are in vogue nowadays. You all must agree with the fact that it is easy to believe in a product when you can get a look of it as a whole. So, adding video can be a great idea to get more customers to purchase from your store.
  • Free shipping invites more customers
    When customers visit an ecommerce store and order a product, they check out the final price including the taxes and extra charges. When the end price contains the shipping charges, they abandon the order to try some other store that provides free shipping. So, keep the shipping charges free to increase the conversion rate.
  • Search Box can do wonders
    Whenever a customer visits an Estore, he/she tries to search for the product from the search box itself. So, instead of hiding it in the left corners or bottom of the page, make it visible.

The bottom line about your Estore is that it should include all the points mentioned above. And if any one of them is left behind, you must conclude that there is some room for improvement. The “increase conversion rate” is not only a part of the project; rather it is an important part of the digital marketing strategy. If you are looking forward to make your website a real success, implement the tips given above in the coming weeks. For any references, you can us or take a look at the we provide.