5 Genius Holiday Promotion Ideas Helping Online Stores to Boost Sales

September 28, 2017
Holiday Promotion Ideas

October is about to start and your customers have already started planning their holiday shopping. If you are aiming to end this year on a high note, it is high time you start rolling out your marketing plans to maximize your profits.

The holiday season is considered to be a tremendous opportunity for online retailers to increase sales and customers’ database both. So how about grabbing this opportunity to skyrocket your profits this year?

Just check out our easy-to-apply holiday promotion ideas which can help your store in prepping up for a blooming holiday season this year!!!

Introduce New Discount Offers

Whatever may be your business or industry, one thing is for sure that your customers love discount offers, promotions, and free takeaways. Step into the shoes of your customers and try to make out what they expect from you in this holiday season.

As per holiday eCommerce marketing statistics – 97% of consumers look for deals and special offers before shopping and 92% of shoppers look for discounts online before shopping.

Make your eCommerce Website Ready for the Holiday Rush

The appearance and functionality of your online store matter a lot when it comes to customer satisfaction. So, just ensure that below-mentioned factors are considered to prep up your store for this holiday season

  • Give an attractive holiday theme design to your online store. Some small changes in design like adding a Santa cap to the logo, holiday-themed rotating banner, etc., to your website can do wonders in terms of traffic and conversions.
  • Check the complete functionality of your eCommerce website because a single broken link can also result to a losing a valuable customer.
  • Just don’t forget to add social media sharing icons to your eCommerce website as that can help you in generating more traffic for your website. Also, don’t forget to add holiday-themed design to Facebook and Twitter page too.

Introduce Deal of The Day Offers

This is a simple marketing tactic but a proven way to increase conversions over your online store. During the holidays, you can feature a different product or service every day for sale at a huge discount during holidays. This will encourage your customers to visit your store to have a look at the “Deal of the Day” on a regular basis.

Display “Deal of the Day Design” on your online store to grab your customers’ attention and tempt them to buy that particular product or service today!!!

Really this can be a surefire way to skyrocket sales this holiday season.

Use Holiday-Themed Email Marketing Template

Email marketing is the most popular way to stay connected with the customers and regularly inform them about your holiday season offers. But for effective email marketing campaign, you need to ensure that you are using holiday themed email marketing template.

You can also go for email marketing templates exclusively designed for special days like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, etc., as that would help you in attracting maximum visitors to your website.

If you are looking out for email templates to send to your audience on such special occasions, just download these free holiday email templates and send professionally designed emails to sell more than ever before this holiday season.

Besides the design, just ensure –

  • Your email is short and has direct links to your promotional offers page on your eCommerce store.
  • The intent of the email is clearly mentioned in the subject line.
  • Clearly, segment the customers and send emails accordingly. You know your customers very well and understand that what they would be interested in.

Augment your Customer Support

With so many holiday promotional activities going on, obviously you may experience heavy traffic on your eCommerce store and your visitors may have lot many questions.

Ensure that your phone lines are ready and you have a skilled team to answer the queries of your visitors.

Also, you can get Live Chat Integrated to your eCommerce store and serve your customers in the best possible manner.

The customers buying from you in the holiday season might get associated with you permanently if they get satisfactory customer support. So, just serve them better and win their loyalty on a long-term basis.

Holiday Promotion Ideas – Final Thoughts

The holiday promotion ideas you would be applying would not only help you in boosting sales in this upcoming festival season but would also enable consistent growth of your online retail business all the year around. Achieving customer retention and loyalty is the key to the success of any online retail business and these genius holiday promotion ideas have the potential to offer that.

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