Why user friendly eStores are important?

May 10, 2016
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When there are a huge number of choices available, it is quite obvious that users look out for the best among them. All that’s appreciated at the end of the day is the best experience and the ease to use the apps/websites. Hence it’s extremely essential for businesses to project their capabilities/products/services in a simple yet efficient manner in their ecommerce platforms, using the numerous enhancements available, as in magento, volusion, to make the users enticed and contribute to conversions. Inputs based on google analytics for mobile traffic or for web hit analysis and various other data, is very much to be accounted in view of sales and business growth for estores or mobile sites.

How to make user friendly websites?

  • To make websites preferable to users, one needs to collect the preferences of users by gathering all possible information from/of them
  • Unique brand name and a powerful logo are essential to stand out of the lot
  • Show them the latest and best selling product in the most attractive manner so as to grab the attention of users in the first stand then take them through the rest
  • Tell them your latest ecommerce achievement so the customers get the confidence in you
  • Offer them free deals, discounts, free shipping or so to gain their loyalty or compassion
  • Make your registration process simple. No one wants to stand drained out at complex new things
  • Make sure to reduce the loading time of your website; don’t miss to have a prominent search option; categorize the products in the right hierarchy so they are easily spotted out by the customers when browsed.
  • Make the check out simple.
  • Embed the social media links in every page so as to enable sharing of products instantaneously to more and more people
  • Responsive websites are a must in today’s growing mobile/hand held user population. Don’t miss out on having this basic incorporation. They save time and costs as they don’t necessitate amendments when using them on the everyday popping up newer smart phone or devices. They make the maintenance and upgrades so simple that you can concentrate on other business aspects.
  • Though basic, many of us tend to miss out on this: Contact information sharing. Make sure to provide your contact details clearly in the website, just to be reachable when the customer needs you. Unless you are available for them, you can’t expect them to add figures to you
  • Adding the site map or site locator to let them know your location is essential. Don’t miss out
  • Live chat lets people connect to you swifter for simple queries. Make it possible
  • Everyone needs/wants safety and security of themselves and their finances. Give your customers the trust that your website has safe and secure check out/payment processes
  • It is necessary you know what they feel about you. Have a review section in your site

In a crux, all you need to do is make your website stand based on the user needs, taking user suggestions too wherever applicable, to grab more visitors and multiply the revenue you earn. If you are in look out for the best service provider to do ecommerce services for you, put in the trust on us; we promise you won’t regret.

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