Ways to protect your eStore from the hackers

June 13, 2016
Ways to protect your eStore from the hackers

Running an estore, maintaining its content & design at regular intervals, doing a facelift is important and more important is security for eStore. If you miss out on having a secure eStore, it’s sure you are missing out on most customers because no one likes an intrusion of their privacy; the customer information is in the website and it is at stake when the site falls a prey to the hackers!

Access to customer information earns loads of dollars to the hackers. Servers or database are being targeted and specific attacks are made so the users can’t access the network thus the business loses the customer trust and hence the conversions! Reputation is extremely important for any business, be it small or medium or large.

  • To protect online stores & build a secure estore, one of the most advanced object oriented, ecommerce platform should be chosen, not any free open-source platform. Regular update of the estore is necessary.
  • Admin login should be made complex using a ‘weird’/tough/strong password.
  • Default admin path should never be used!
  • 2 factor authentication is a must to guard the store or the backend. Username and password is required, in addendum it’s good you have a security code that’s generated randomly.
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a must between customer browser and the company server; by using Https you encrypt all credentials and gain the people trust! Firewalls are necessary to the website as a whole, also special protection is required for contact forums, login information and banking details so no cross site scripting happens! Regular estore update lets you check on these often.
  • When it comes to banking details’, protecting them is secondary but then having them stored is unnecessary in first place. Even for refund processing, store minimal data or don’t store at all, you can always get it from the payer.
  • Criteria set for passwords should be really heavy. While most people are aware of ecommerce and technology today, some or even many might not be aware of the security threats upon a site. It’s your responsibility to instigate them use a tight password!
  • Ecommerce platform upgrade is a must you just can’t miss doing. Bug fixes, latest themes, enhancements to the site core are all various aspects but the most important is the security aspects you might miss out if you don’t go for periodic upgrades.
  • Integrating extensions to the website isn’t something to be taken light. While there are loads of free extensions available online, trusted third party extensions are required to keep the hackers away!
  • Use Address Verification Systems for payment processing solutions.
  • CVV in a card is not stored anywhere in any estore, so making it a mandate during payment detail provision secures the customer information. Ensure you have it.
  • Monitoring bank transactions on your estore on a daily basis is no extra work but a mandatory thing to be done in addition to checking out on traffic, seo and rest. Have a look here to know more on the internet fraud.

Gaining credibility is the most important for anybody and for every business. In order to win new customers, retain the existing ones and create an outstanding presence in the market it is necessary you prove this to the customers that you are worth their trust. For more on website security or estore upgrade or any other ecommerce service, do contact QeRetail not any later but now!

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