Visual Search : An artificial intelligence challenge for ecommerce

December 22, 2016

Visual search is not so popular till now, but it has been in the market since 2006. You must be wondering what is visual search. Visual search is a search in which the image is uploaded to find out the product related to the picture. was the first company to launch this. But later on, it was purchased by Google. Now, many websites like Amazon and Pinterest are using visual search for ecommerce.

Let’s get to know the factors which are responsible for using visual search at a greater extend.

  • The use of visual search is increasing
    As many companies owning the mobile apps have adopted visual search, so after using the same customers are expecting to use it even in the small company’s websites also. As it makes the searching job easier, people are getting attracted towards the technology. With the increased use of the technology now companies like Cortexiza and Slyce have started integrating with almost all the small Estore platforms to make it accessible.
  • Inflating use of mobile apps
    We all know that now Estore is not only confined to the desktop or laptops. With the increase in the use of mobile, ecommerce store holders have started building apps for mobile. Clicking a photo and uploading has been a piece of cake on a mobile device. With the ease of access, visual search is also preferred by the users. Now, they just have to take an image an upload it to search for the items they require.
  • Easy integration of visual search makes it easy to use
    As discussed in the above point it is clear that now integration of visual search has been a five-finger exercise. Many companies already provide easy access to visual search for ecommerce. If you worry about the charges of integration, just chill, as it is cost efficient. CamFind is one of the mobile apps that provide it for free.
  • Increased efficiency and precision
    Searching for a product on an ecommerce store by writing the product description in the search box and uploading an image of the product you aspire for, what do you think which process is much faster and accurate? The latter one, but obviously. The reason why it is preferred is right in front of you. This is the reason why it is getting prominent now a day.
  • Development in Artificial Intelligence
    If you are somewhere related to the information technology world, you will get a clear idea how development in artificial intelligence has a positive impact on the visual search. But for those who don’t know, let’s discuss how advancement has increased the value of visual search. This can be well explained using an example. Suppose you have an online store and people visit your website to buy a flower pot. In the early 2006, the shapes and size of a flower pot were limited so it didn’t work accurately. But now, with the introduction to big data millions of shapes and sizes are present due to which whenever you upload an image, the software can easily trace the shape and size and shows you the result exactly same as you expected.

Use of latest technology is suggested when it is beneficial. We all know there is a lot of competition in the online store world. So, if you do not use the latest apps that make the work easier and accurate, obviously others are going to take advantage of that and leave you behind. Thus, try to adopt new technologies. If you lack knowledge about the latest technologies contact us, we are tech geeks and also check our services for more details.

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