Things people absolutely hate about your eStore

June 9, 2016
Things people absolutely hate about your eStore

Websites/estores are the best and the most essential marketing tool for every business. While you may target to have the best of responsive eStores/ user friendly eStore/mobile friendly eStore what’s that falters your efforts and puts you among those sites having things people are distressed about? Read on..

  1. Bad graphics: One of the leading research institutions mentioned more than 40% of the businesses have a poor web design. Outdated looks, bland layout, poor information display simply pisses the people off. So there you go; the first and foremost is poor aesthetics/graphic design and unpleasing information display.
  2. Disconnection with customers: Not having a quality customer support team gives an opinion that you are lack-lustre to the customers. Have the customer connect number prominently in the website.
  3. Result filters: While you may have loads of products to sell, a customer is interested to view is a few among them. How do you think giving a cumbersome lump of products with no result filter is going to ease his effort to crack what he needs from your site? Have proper filters for categories of products & search results.

    A site with no search is like the one with no door that opens to your products. Having a search option is a must; every customer wants to find it easy to search for what they want. Make it possible; be Search engine optimized!

  4. Guest login: Having no guest login/checkout is forcing a customer to register with you or stick on to you. No customer likes it. Make sure to give guest checkout alongside the registration option; let them choose what they want to do. If you are the best, no wonder they will get back to you next time!
  5. Language errors: Mistakes in language, or typos or grammar errors are simply unacceptable for a customer of a good standard. Why do you think you should lose a customer for such petty issues like spelling mistakes? Take care to display details in a good language.
  6. High load time is something really annoying. More than 40% of the customers expect a load time of less than or equal to 2 seconds and most of them abandon the site when the page is unavailable for 3 seconds! Images, videos, code, and many more impact the load time. Have a check on them to give the best experience; have the site mobile optimized because you know most of us sit with mobiles/tablets today! Google’s mobile update algorithm ranks mobile friendly eStores at the top since a few months; make a note!
  7. Bad navigation with no clear CTA (Call To Action) are some things people hate for the simple reason you make things complicated for them!
  8. Pop ups flooded all over the site isn’t giving a good read. Use them effectively, in moderation; have a smart cta, use analytics to track the CTA clicks are all good practices to follow!
  9. Automated play of media files is like distracting a customer when he is hooked into getting something important. Please don’t trash the multimedia content on them
  10. Bad animation, irrelevant or childish images aren’t going to work at all. Make sure to use smart images for a great inbound marketing, simple animations and relevant media files.
  11. A contact form with no contact details is funny isn’t? Yes it puts you in a bad pit. Make sure to have a clear “contact us” button and have the right details in it.
  12. Complex boasting About Us pages aren’t any pleasing to customers. Explain what you can do for the customers in a simple language and quote the achievements & good feedbacks you have had.

While you target to impress the customers and win the people for conversions, isn’t it quite embarrassing if you miss out on these basic check points on a website design. If you require assistance in website facelift or ecommerce store design or anything around it, contact us at QeRetail now!

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