The Sorted Group aims at taking the delivery market by storm

May 8, 2017
Same day delivery app

Gone are the days when people had to wait for days or weeks to get their desired product from online markets. With ever increasing competition to stay ahead of the curve, next day delivery or same day delivery have been the game changers.

Retailers are leaving no stone unturned to meet their customer’s expectations. Sometimes, when you have to depend on a third party, no matter how ingenious their working standards are, there is always a small room for error to happen. Thus hampering your end customer experience. Most of the times it includes the delivery portion.

To manufacture a product, then market it all over the planet and delivering it to the other side of this Earth is not possible by a single entity, especially when you are selling multiple products and catering to a larger audience. You need to depend on a third party company to deliver your products.

Will the product be delivered to your customer without a pinch of trouble and in a way your customer had desired? might just be the answer for this question. They are catering the consumer expectations with a whole new approach. The soon to be released Sorted app will put the customer in control of their delivery experience; delivery at customer’s terms and conditions as they say it.

How is Sorted Group planning to do this?

This project is being developed by the MPD group (the team behind the delivery platform, Electio); all together now known as Sorted Group. Their offerings include: Sorted.Pro (formerly Electio)-The delivery management platform for retailers. Sorted.HERO-The checkout plug-in for sellers big and small. My Parcel Delivery- The rapid parcel delivery comparison website. Command more and take full control of all of your deliveries.

All in all, just as a customer is able to buy something with a swipe of a finger, they will be able to control their parcel’s delivery in a similar way. Retailers do not have to worry about the parcel being sent back if a customer was not available to take the delivery at his/her house. They will be able to manage the delivery all by themselves.

David Grimes, CEO and founder of the Sorted group expands,

Customers now expect their goods to arrive when they want it, where they want it. Today’s consumer is used to being able to order a taxi, find love, rent a house in a foreign country and listen to whatever music they want with the swipe of a finger, so why can’t they get their parcel redirected to work instead of their home two hours before it’s due? Sorted is harnessing and developing tech to embrace this change to give customers what they want.

With the Sorted app, the thinking has evolved past the click to ship, and delivery has become a completely customizable and customer-centric event. Our tech unifies a customer’s expectations with a retailer’s endeavors and the fast-moving innovations and services that carriers are continually bringing to the market to create the best possible delivery experience for everyone. Sorted.

The team at the Sorted group are affiliating with the power of technology in today’s world to make the delivery experience seamless and sorted (pun intended).

You can get more information here.

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