Shopify now helps you sell anywhere,everywhere your customer are

May 4, 2016

Shopify lets the businesses sell on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter where the 3 different apps with dedicated spots are almost on every user’s screen. But not just three hands of the media are in the customer reach rather many more.

Even if there’s no visible opportunity, a real business man would create one! So get ready to create this opportunity, make your presence in all the media forms, connect with shoppers all over, make the sale!

Let’s talk more about the sales channels. New sales channels can be built for Shopify to create the prospects over the huge lots of different apps, platforms, and marketplaces, into your customers. Selling in all of them is expanding your online presence definitely. Be ready to use Shopify to sell on Ebates, Houzz, and Wanelo, and many more channels coming up.

Ebates, well known in online cashback shopping for the perfectionist in getting your products in front of a broad, growing community of shoppers, lets one shop for all their favourite brands in a single spot, directly through the Ebates web or the mobile app.

Houzz for interior designs lets you design your home while shopping for the products to get it done as well Not just that but it gives one the privilege for one to take pictures to see how the products will fit to decor the house.

Wanelo, offering a personalized feed of products, also lets one know what’s trending with other people. Being largely on mobile, Wanelo can easily cover most people.

If we talk about managing several channels, it’s nothing tougher than managing one when known the tactics. Shopify is a single place, one unified platform to run businesses in ecommerce platforms to manage all the existing and upcoming channels, loads of varieties of products, millions of orders, different types of customers, and all possible analytics checks.

Shopify keeps ameliorating in its capabilities to accommodate a large number of channels in the smoothest possible manner, expected to roll out sooner in near future. The channel experience is very much refined to accommodate the multiple varieties of users and their diverse shopping needs, so now there is a scope to explore numerous ways to grow the businesses.

Being given with numerous forms of technological provisions for ecommerce portals intended to maximize conversions in eCommerce, following the standard ecommerce checkout practices, using volusion for improvisations of ecommerce solutions, using shopify to sell products via various channels like ebates, wanelo, houz and more, purely intended to help businesses running eStores and online stores, shouldn’t we be smart enough to use them for the best? Feel free to ask us for such services and more.

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