10 Secret formulas to create repeat customers for your e-store

January 27, 2017
How to create repeat customers for your e-store

Trust in business strengthens relationships and contributes to more opportunities. On a similar note, it’s easier to make sales from repeat customers than to convince new users to buy.

How to create repeat customers for e-stores?

How to get customers to make repeat purchase? What are the customer retention tactics? Let’s go through them.

  • Personalized Emails

Do you feel happy when someone writes to you personally? It’s just the same in eCommerce! As a business owner, when you write personalized emails to the customers, it makes them feel good. There may be different instances in business, say when you convey your thanks or the order confirmation details or even an apology for a complaint raised or for any communication; make sure you personally connect to each customer.

  • Establish a rapport and sales will follow

How many of your customers do you remember this minute? We’re sure it’s not a big number; do you realize it’s the same case on the other side of the coin too? Yes, customers have their own work and life; it requires an effort from your side to remind them that you exist for them. Don’t make the talk as if you push them to buy or you are looking for more business from them (though it may the intent); use casual contexts and friendly content like “Hey dear, We know you bought this item in past. We have a different variety of it now and we thought to let you know!”. See the magic later!

  • Always ask for feedback

Talk, talk, talk and talk; do sensible talks of course. Yes, make it a point to connect regularly. How about asking them how they felt on their first purchase? How about asking their comments on specific orders they’ve made? Show them you value their opinions and care about them. Be proactive to reach out to them rather than waiting for them to come back to you.

  • Keep them connected with your brand

Inform customers what you are doing to serve them with the best. Write an email or share your company newsletters regularly.

  • Remember to wish on special occasions

Who doesn’t love to be wished on special occasions?! Send wishes to customers on their birthdays or anniversaries or even on common festivals. Why don’t you club the discounts or offers with such moments? It works out really well, we tell you.

  • A smooth shopping experience

Generic details to be cared about  commonly across all customers include website speed, pop-ups to remind customers about abandoned carts or items saved for later or so, neatly structured pages, well designed home page and landing pages, clear categories, prominent search, perfect filters, removing URLs for items not in stock, giving relevant messages where necessary, mobile compatibility, prominent Call To Action buttons, prominent sign in and checkout, guest checkouts and if any other basic feature remains.

  • Web engagement

A variety of sign up forms for different purposes throughout your site, lets customers connect to you on specific notes. For every primary category you have, you may set up list-build forms so you know the individual customer interests which would help you market specific products.

  • Special offer notifications

Share details on incentives or discounts when you send order confirmation emails. This surely pushes them to make the next purchase with you if they have the need for a product you have. You can choose to tell them about related products, give them limited timeline offers, show them recommended items based on what they’ve bought, or even give them a chance to add more items to the same order for the same shipping with no extra cost!

  • Gentle reminders of previous visits

Special emails like cart abandonment emails,  emails on items previously not in stock but now in stock, special offer emails based on the number of purchases made or the number of days they’ve been with you or number of high amount orders made or so, add a lot of value. These instigate people to buy more and more

Give details on usage details of certain products to specific customers, for free. This instills trust in them that you know much more on what you sell.

  • Customer service second to none

Last of all and the most important one to increase repeat purchase, is the customer service; give them your best! We believe we have you a great grip on how to succeed in eCommerce customer retention; should you have questions, reach out anytime and all time!

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