Is product description on your eStore destroying sales?

Is product description on your eStore destroying sales?

There’s a research note that states 2 of the top ecommerce stores headquartered in California and Seattle are solely interested in promoting their own sales channel and not the brand of the sellers selling through them. If you have just a single sales channel, you are forced to create a competition just on basis of price, totally not utilizing your strengths in marketing or merchandising or customer service. So why depend on other online stores when you can build your own? You may get a very small percentage of sales via your own, to start with but that’s not the end of the story, you definitely will have success stories to talk about in near or at least in far future.

To build such a winning ecommerce store for yourself, one of the most important area you focus on should be product descriptions. How should be product descriptions? How should you not do the product descriptions?

  • Talking vague facts that simply ‘boast’ about your products is not going to gain you a single customer, you can be sure. Imagine going to a fashion workshop & 2 sellers meet you out of which one keeps talking in lengths about what his product can do and so but the other talks on how his product can serve you, so you would obviously trust in the second one which answers “What is in it for me?” right? Similarly the product descriptions you make should be entertaining to the customer on specific stands, should be able to connect to his emotions and be honest enough to gain the customer trust.
  • Making shorter sentences, using lines of kind of lighter side to ease the customer mood, using conversational phrases, involving the reader and so are some good practices you may want to note!
  • Make your product descriptions such that they sound completely reliable to the customers. It takes a long time for the customers to believe in you; stand in their point of view and guess the scepticism they may have and provide facts or social proofs to combat such doubts that may arise.

Create descriptions such that everyone believes; just like how a donation receiver would have just $50 notes in his jar shown to people while hiding all the lesser amount ones so he expects people believe all donate 50 or more.

Social proofs work because people believe in what others believe, and are always sceptical about anything to start with. So giving them evidences of others’ good feedback brings in confidence in them to buy! Reports say more than 80% of the consumers depend on reviews to rate the business, more than 70% of the customers go onto buy on reading a good review.

  • If you make hard-to-read descriptions, people are sure to run away from you. Make sure to use simple, clear headings, sub titles, important information only in bullets, readable font size, whitespaces decent enough to give a clean read, and detailed descriptions in paragraphs still crisp and easy to read, are to be ensured (paragraph doesn’t mean you flood the paragraph with all jargons to read it like you do a book!)
  • Adjectives that sound too much boasting can’t impress anyone! Make sure you use specific words to spice up your product. A neem soap can be effective in germ protection but not beautiful! A jewellery can be beautiful to make you beautiful but not strong, may be ‘durable’ is the word. Use the right word for the right product!
  • Make sure to impress the emotions of the people by stating on feelings and talks of others, in addition to just descriptions. May be you can include a story of someone who succeeded using your product.
  • Make sure to talk on benefits rather than on just features because everyone wants to know what is in it for him/her!

Taking care on the color of ‘buy’ button, pricing details shown, pictures of the products, checkout details shown and many more nuances add up to the success of your product going towards a complete purchase! If you require assistance in ecommerce to support you in any of the above or anything in ecommerce, !