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March 9, 2017
create images for Social Media

Visual aesthetics of social media strategy of estore businesses has gained a lot of importance today due to a high percentage of customers getting involved in image posts in the media. Twitter retweet rate went higher by 150% due to images says a study. Overall engagement and estore conversions go higher with images; we see more likes, more shares, more comments, more tweets and so. Shouldn’t the small, medium or big eCommerce store or any marketing team make the best utilization of the fact? Absolutely yes! Let’s check on the below tools available to make the creation of images for social media an easy and effective one.

  • Canva: A program perfect for novice web designers. Image creation is extremely quick with pre-designed templates specific for each media, attractive font styles, easy drag and drop, and more. One can even create custom images of the required size. Picmokey is a photo editor tool from canva, you may want to explore; Befunky is another!
  • Skitch: A tool from Evernote known for its great annotation capabilities: quick text add, point to objects, circle or highlight objects, blur a specific area in an image and so. It’s basically a snipping tool for instant screenshots. Jing, another screen capture tool creates videos too. Clipular, another tool in the context, is known for screen capture plus bookmarking and grouping screenshots in google chrome; tagging images is possible too.
  • CloudApp: A Mac app free for download, lets one save links in a site and share it in another. GIF videos of any action can be quickly created. Post image creation, we get the image URL copied to clipboard which we can paste and use for download once ready. RecordIt and LiceCap are more GIF creation tools you can take a look!
  • PowerPoint easy image creator: A provision available in the PowerPoint application, for instant image creation using the templates merged into the app. This is very well suited for novice designers; one can easily create and edit images the way he or she edits slides in Microsoft PowerPoint. You may be interested in checking a few PowerPoint infographic templates from Hubspot here? Keynote is for Mac PowerPoint; Google has one too; Photoshop, free GIMP and a few others are available too
  • Easel.ly: An infographic creator tool lets one embed images, charts and more either from the available templates or customize as required. Infogram is another mainly for beginners; Visual.ly is for experts.
  • Placeit: A tool for creating high class images for websites, blog sites, apps, and more. Website integration is possible too: pick backgrounds from the library, upload screenshots into the tool or give it the URL, thus insert your site into the image.
  • Social Image Resizer Tool: A tool to create images of any size for any social media website: 2:1ratio for twitter, vertical for google and square for Facebook! Just upload the image and resize as you want, for LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube too.
    • Facebook now resizes the images those not in the required specification (width to be 1.91*height) to make them ideal for desktops and smart devices.

    • Check more Facebook changes here for designing better strategies.
    • TimeSlicer and SizzlePig are similar tools you may want to check!
  • Smush.it: A tool to optimise the images one feeds into it. It compresses the images to sizes optimal for any social media website; this enables quicker uploading of images and faster web page loads. There’s a plugin here specially for image works in blogs. EWWW Image Optimizer is another WordPress plugin for the same.
  • Recite: An extremely interesting unique tool for image creation from quotations. Quozio, Pinstamatic, Pinwords are more for converting quotes into images!
  • Page2images: A tool to completely capture a webpage and upload it to Pinterest; one of the pair of bookmark captures the page for download and the other adds it to Pinterest.
  • Photovisi: A tool for image collages meant for twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Collaging images, adding a background, text insertion, graphics addition are possible too.

A lot more (Pictaculous, Omnicore sheet, colourlover) are available for image creation from any eCommerce platform, which you may be interested to check out for your eCommerce store social branding. We’re sure you need an expert assistance to choose the right tool and bring out the best at the most efficient cost; contact our experts now for such services and many more you may need.

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