Planning to Sell on Amazon? Read this first!

Sell on Amazon

Close to 1/8th of the internet users visit and the site has close to 170 million users every month. Sell on Amazon? Amazon is not just a way for you to reach out to more number of customers compared to what you do on your own web traffic, but its backend selling, distribution channels, management, marketing and all business tools come in handy to expand your ecommerce store/online store quicker and better.

It’s great if you glance at the below “things to know before selling on Amazon” so you do the job good enough,

  • Buy Box: When you go to a product page, just beneath the product detail, you may see the link for offers from other sellers so it’s required you get to know you have people competing with you. Additionally Amazon offers sellers the Buy Box, which is the yellow colored CTA for ‘Add to Cart’. 90% of the sales happen here so you better know how it works!
  • Featured Buy Box seller: Standing up ahead in the crowd of sellers, so as to win the most featured seller to grab the Buy Box isn’t quite easy. What impacts this win? One is Competitive pricing where you have the lower prices for product plus shipping compared to most sellers. Next is the offers given by other sellers in any way, say free product along with the main one or any service or whatever. Next is the history or a great past you, as a Merchant, have on Amazon and the last one is the Seller reviews on you. In addition to these, timely delivery, customer communication in past, selling a low competing item to start with, giving a great competing price, selling products in Amazon’s most wished for product list and so may increase your Seller ranking.
  • Amazon fulfillment: Here you sell the product by having the stock in any of the Amazon fulfillment centers from where Amazon ships to the buyer. Great shipping, customer service, product reach to prime members, and higher chance of winning the Buy Box are some benefits out of this. Volusion has some shipping offer for Amazon which you may check
  • What kind of Merchant are you? A merchant, selling products that are made on his own, that is by his own company? A merchant with niche products, unique and great? A merchant selling used products? If you are one among, then you have a great benefit from Amazon; you gain credibility, authority and also a good hand on gaining audiences even outside of Amazon via other channels for your own estore branding and more. A single point needing your attention here is merchants selling used products won’t be given the Buy Box.
  • Matching your product with one of the existing Amazon product detail page gives you higher chances of visibility.
  • Faster or similar shipping methods are restricted to new sellers who may need to gain the history and popularity from basic shipping to begin with, to win the superior methods.
  • Amount given to merchants as shipping reimbursement may not exactly match the actual shipping cost.
  • Gaining seller account reviews by personal methods are completely forbidden that sellers might get sued by Amazon. Giving the best shopping journey is the only way to win reviews.
  • You may want to take a look at the , , , and
  • Selling as an individual or as a professional, creating an Amazon seller account, setting up seller profiles, and selling process involving product listing, Buy Box checks, shipping and payments to Amazon are some more things to know before you start.

Knowing on tips for successful selling, Amazon fulfillment options in detail, pricing details, amazon home services, transaction fee, platform fee, and so are sure to help you do your business much better. If you require further information on Amazon for global expansion of business you may very well check Amazon or ask us; additionally for any for we ensure to give you the pro support there!