How perfectly are your email newsletters formatted?

January 2, 2017
How perfectly are your email newsletters formatted?

We all are familiar with the marketing forms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. And we think they are the best applications for marketing. No doubts, they are included in the top list. But, when we talk about cold conversation, email is the best form. As compared to the other marketing tools it is cost efficient and consumes less time. With the increasing use of mobile these days, checking the emails has been just one touch far. And also they are thought to be the most prominent.

As we are discussing about the emails, we must not forget the main ingredient that adds spice to the dish and that is formatting. Yes, you got it right emails without correct formatting are just a waste of time. So, without wasting any more time lets discuss about the tips for email newsletters that can enhance the perfection of an email.

  • How to address someone
    Personalized greeting at the starting of an email is the perfect format for newsletters. It gives them the feeling of being important. But while making the receiver’s feel special, do not be too friendly as it looks weird.
  • Why black is the all time favorite
    We all know black and white are the colors used for decades still they are in trend for email newsletters. Black being the text color and white in the background is attractive and also it is also recommended for ecommerce store emails. But using different colors for the website page should not be ruled out. The vibrant colors add meaning to the Estore page. And an ecommerce store uses different colors for their logos, etc. But when it comes to newsletter, always use black for text.
  • How subject line can do wonders
    The subject line is important for perfect format for newsletters as many people mark the email as spam just after reading out the subject line. So, the subject line must be attractive and convincing. They must not be long sentences instead use short, personal and concise subject.
  • Email formatting plays the main role
    Email format is really important for digital newsletter. According to a study, it is concluded that long headings instantly grab user’s attention. So, the title for a particular email and the important points must be long. And vibrant colors and images must be used to make the digital newsletter captivating.
  • Do not make it last forever
    First of all, while drafting a newsletter decide its length. It should not be too long, as long emails become boring and people abandon them. Also, add links to the newsletter that can redirect it to the Estore easily. The linking process in some or the other way increases the conversion rate.

The website alone cannot do the wonders. Marketing skills are required to publicize the business. So, prefer the digital marketing skill that is effective, in trend and that can increase the conversion rate also. Also, keep in mind that what looks good is purchased the most. Thus, make sure to use the perfect format of a newsletter. To know more, follow us and check our services. And do not hesitate to contact us.

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