Why are online merchants talking about the Shopify Unite 2017?

Shopify Unite 2017

Shopify, as we know has been an incubator for many e-retailers willing to sell on a trusted platform. Sellers are aware of the array of options that it provides in order to kickstart your e-commerce business.

Major Announcements made at Shopify Unite 2017

For online merchants who have their e-stores up and running on the Shopify platform or who are planning to start an e-store, Shopify Unite 2017 brings in a breath of fresh air. It is opening more and more doors for merchants aimed at but not limited to- Making it easier to sell anywhere, Improving discounts and Simplifying marketing insights.

“Soon partners will be able to build sales channels of their own, meaning more options for you. With additional improvements to the mobile shopping experience, you will soon have even more options for where to sell and optimize the ways your customers experience your brand.”

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. At the Shopify Unite 2017 Conference in San Francisco, Shopify made some major announcements along with detailed discussions on all things Shopify, commerce, and technology. Read on to find out…

To get the key highlights .

Watch the video of Next Steps for Partners.