Why You Need an Online Store Redesign Every 6 months

May 4, 2018
Online Store Redesign

Often overlooked and largely underrated, online store redesign is the catalyst that boosts an e-store’s sales and conversion.Think of it as an old, battered house down the street. It immediately invokes a spooky feeling. Anyone even willing to have a look will think twice before taking a tour if it isn’t welcoming enough.

To put it into perspective, a complete e-store redesign is a process of tweaking different elements of the online store. These elements when combined, make up the website.

Now, why would you need an online store redesign in the first place?

The ecosystem we live and thrive upon is one large dynamic structure. The online world has been constantly changing, evolving ad infinitum.

Markets fluctuate, consumer behaviors & demands change with time. In such cases, businesses either have to abide by the demands or get pinned down by more customer-centric competitors.

Likewise, if a website is dated, a more updated website that reflects the current trends attracts more traffic and user’s attention.

How would you know if your website is out of date and needs to undergo an e-store redesign?

Reason #1: Is it responsive?

Now we are asking the big questions. Today, a website is either responsive or not a website at all. Consumers access websites from across a plethora of devices. And a mobile-optimized website is a critical aspect of survival on the web.

By not having a mobile responsive website, you are losing a large chunk of money to those businesses who have optimized the website and attract a large funnel of the customer through mobile devices.

If a website is not mobile optimized, it simply won’t appear in the mobile search results.

Reason #2: Have your competitors upgraded recently?

One of the more successful ways one can grow as a business is by keeping a good eye on their competitors. As amusing as it may sound, this is an effective way to stay ahead in the business.

Now, this isn’t about copying someone or doing what they do. But, if you see that your competitors have upped their game, probably this is the right time to put on your running shoes and step in the game.

Also, this gives you an edge over them to improve and go a notch ahead than what they have done.

Reason #3: Does your website fall in line with the current trends?

Every quarter or so, we see new challenges and trends rocking the market. Industry influencers come up with a new update that sets the wheels in motion.

Another trend or let’s say convenient UX update is the guest checkout option. Still, many websites did not allow users to checkout unless they create an account. These resulted in cart abandonment. Soon, the trend to provide guest checkout was picked up by all websites.

Making such small tweaks and updates is vital in order to keep up with the trends. The overall credibility of the website depends highly on how often do you opt for online store redesign.

According to a study, the overall look and feel of the website are more important than the content itself.

Under various tests and studies conducted, people often tend to connect with websites that have a good visual appeal, rather than a website that has got nothing but content.

If you ever decide to redesign your e-commerce website, which you definitely should, would you completely change the theme or just revamp the existing one?

This matter is subjective and may differ from website to website.

There are tons and tons of readily available online themes for a website. And with sophisticated tools that exist today, it is not hard to start using a particular theme for your website.

But, does the theme template reflect your website’s goals? Does it speak for your business goal to your customers?

Often times, readily available themes are only good for just starting out as an online business. Once a business grows, people start recognizing the brand with the website’s theme and color. You would definitely not want your brand to be attached to a theme is not customizable.

Default themes do not provide a larger room to play. You are often stuck with the default elements. This is where e-commerce website designers come in. Such cases call for a complete theme overhaul.


Anything that remains stagnant gathers dust. A stagnant website automatically looks outdated. People tend to trust less on websites that that look dated. They would not risk making the payment no matter how good the services or products are.

Change is the only constant in the world and to keep changing is to keep growing.

  • An outdated website is looked down by the visitors and raises unreasonable doubts in their minds.
  • Opting for custom e-commerce solutions gives an edge to your online store design compared to other websites that have a default theme.
  • Your online store’s theme should be changed to reflect the brand, products or services that you provide.

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