Mobile ecommerce trends, usage and adoptions

July 8, 2016
Mobile ecommerce trends, usage and adoptions

Marketers doing great mobile campaigns are the main reason behind the soar of mobile users in ecommerce online, termed as m-commerce. Targeting customers on basis of mobile data with an increased relevance and precision, excellent CRM, automation solutions, advertising campaigns for/with mobile have become quite increasingly popular today, to talk on mobile trends.

Mobile payments like Apply Pay & Google Wallet, Near Field connect in smart phones/operating systems further add to the mobile commerce. To make out where to spend the mobile marketing cash, make sure you understand the buying patterns of this broad mobile audience. Wearable forms a new category of mobile commerce giving a great way of sale for apparel sellers, sports and watch retailers. Number of users going online only via mobiles have soared from less than 20% in 2014 to more than 30% in 2016 and is expected to go till 50% by 2020!

A marketing study on ecommerce expenditure tells us Apparels, books and electronics & music are the top 3 purchases on a tablet and on a smart phone! In fact, the mobile commerce is moving from smart phones to tablets. Order size and volume of those made from tablets have grown several billion dollars today compared to that from smart phones!

To take an example of a company selling mirrors, 40% of the traffic to the company site is from mobiles as per the stats; another company quotes this % as 50%. And don’t be misled this traffic is for any specific item/product in ecommerce but it is spread across any offering, be it a glass or a mirror or a tattoo or a calendar or a furniture!

To win the market, it’s quite obvious you need to have the best of mobile/smart phone/tablet experience for the users, in addition to having just mobile friendly ecommerce stores,

  • Keep the mobile friendly web content simple and easy to follow. Not adding all that’s on a desktop to a mobile site is going to be great, keep in mind!
  • Mobile menus should be simple enough compared to the desktop ones for the simple reason you well know not to give a clustered screen to the users. Multi-level menus are a big NO!
  • Not just considering clicks is enough because you well know most phones are of touch types today. Ensuring a smooth hand movement on your website is a very important aspect you should consider in mobile site design. Whatsoever features you may have on the site, unless a free hand movement is available, they may go unnoticed!
  • Mobile forms should be shorter compared to the desktop ones for the ease of completing them; keep in mind!

Using as much mobile specific features as possible, to combat the needs of the smart generation today isn’t complex but tricky in terms of requiring a streamlined/directed expertise in the specific area. If you are on look-out for such a great deal of support in non-responsive to responsive eStore conversion services or anything in ecommerce, ask us now!

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