Live Chat Integration: 5 Key Benefits to an Online Store

Live Chat Integration

If you are in online retailing business, you must be very well aware that unlike brick and mortar stores, your store lacks direct contact with the customers. Due to that, the customer feels highly insecure in case of any issue like not finding the right product, size, color, etc., or payment failure and similar other problems.

Shopping online is a process where your customer may require your support at each and every level. Customers don’t like to wait, especially if they are stuck up in a problem while making a purchase. If they don’t get a solution instantly, they can just abandon the cart and move to your competitors’ stores.

because they could not find customer support.

If you are experiencing a high amount of shopping cart abandonment instances or dissatisfied customers on your online store, it is high time you get live chat integrated and support your customers on a real-time basis.

Let’s take a closer look at some reasons of why live chat integration is worth considering –

Extremely Convenient

As per a study called “” – 44% of online shoppers said that having their questions answered through live chat while purchasing seemed to be very convenient and helped them to take buying decision easier. Moreover, 38% of online shoppers said that they purchased from a specific online store only because they have live chat integrated.

An online chat gives a sense of security to the buyers that if they have any confusion before making a purchase, they can get answers to their queries instantly through live chat.

Low Expenses

Live chat integration can lower down your overall costs. A representative can handle only one phone call at a time but that same representative can handle multiple live chats at the same time. This reduces your costs on resources.

Moreover, it not only reduces the phone costs, it also lowers down the queues and customers’ waiting time.

Increased Sales

Your potential customers coming to your online store for a purchase may have many questions for which they need instant answers. They might not purchase from your store if they don’t get those answers.

Through live chat, you can provide answers to the queries of your customers instantly and close deals easily.

Answering to their emails is an option but by the time you reply to your customer’s email, they may change their idea of purchasing from your store.

Moreover, a phone call is an option which a customer has to do on their expenses, and most of the time they avoid doing that until and unless it is for a crucial query like returns and refunds.

Helps you in Staying Competitive

In a study by eMarketer, it was found that the online shoppers who used live chat on online stores were likely to make purchases at least once in a week comparing to the buyers who never used live chat.

There are many online stores out there who don’t have live store integrated. So, if your store has live chat, you get an opportunity of attracting the buyers using live chat for taking a decision whether to buy or not.

Eliminate Frustration Among Customers

Customer satisfaction has always been a key to the success of a business even even when the internet was not invented. The customers get frustrated when their queries don’t get solved on time or don’t get the satisfactory answer to their questions.

Through live chat, you can eliminate the chances of your customers getting frustrated. Live chat requires fewer efforts from customers’ side for communicating with you comparing to emails and phone calls. Moreover, it is a quick way for customers to get their queries solved and so is highly preferred by customers and online sellers both.

Live Chat Integration: A Feature for Online Store Worth Considering

? Just make sure that your live chat feature has an attractive interface and is user-friendly.

There are many options available when it comes to integrating live chat. Any cheap live chat software may not provide seamless integration to your online store. Moreover, revamping the entire website to add live chat feature would be a time-consuming and expensive affair.

The best option would be to get live chat integrated to your online store at a pocket-friendly price from – your store handyman and make your store ready for holiday season approaching very soon.