Lead Generation through Facebook | Follow these simple 12 Ideas

Lead Generation through Facebook | Follow these simple 12 Ideas

Generating an interest on company’s products and services among the internet users is lead generation. High profile leads provide a huge strength to every single ecommerce store that creates it; It’s all about building the connection with the users via a hot topic in a Facebook post or a famous blog site or so. This not only gets people know you/the online store but also adds to familiarising your brand among the crowd and in markets. Chances of such crowd gathered for your store having a customer relationship with you for long times is definitely higher than that you get by trying to sell something from an unfamiliar store.

Facebook ad campaign is an amazing way of generating leads, the technical experts quote; Facebook marketing is the hottest division of ecommerce marketing/ online marketing today! Organizing Facebook campaigns in view of building a flaunting lead generation technique isn’t tough to understand!

Direct leads are those you create when you link a url in the Facebook to the registration form on the site landing page& give the user something attractive in return; Indirect leads are the ones you build by linking the CTA button to a post you share on Facebook where the CTA takes the user to the site landing page.

Now that you are curious to know more here, let’s see what it is on tips for facebook marketing!

  1. Sending online users directly to the site landing page where you place an offer with a strong image or a phrase that’s pulled into the Facebook post. If it is an image that you use, optimizing it for the right size and graph tags is necessary so the media picks you. A few here so you get an idea!
  2. Pick up the most attractive blogs & put them onto FB so the readers notice the CTA within it. Posts in the preface have been known to contribute to more than 50% of the leads.
  3. Implementing visuals or media files in posts is known to engage more people than doing posts with just texts. Why not link the image description to your site? Having & using codes lets you track leads.
  4. FB loves video so you should love it too. Isn’t it? Video posts have more than 100% greater leads than those without videos. Text CTA is important so the user knows where ‘all’ to click on the video; Verbal CTAs are great too!
  5. eases your job of posting videos spontaneously from your mobile directly onto the Facebook post! 10 times more users have been known to click on live videos compared to the engagement on other videos. Verbal CTAs allure the users good enough so consider them here as well
  6. Placing posts linked to lead offers, on top of the FB page timeline is a great way of pulling people to it. Nevertheless, too much is good for nothing hence it’s decent enough to keep the post so for 7 days & not more! View an example .
  7. has been flying high since 2-3 years now. CTAs like Sign up now, visit us here, read more here, do it now, watch the game placed in the post & linked to your website offer great leads but then make sure you change the CTA text quite often so you don’t look unfresh!
  8. Posting business news on timelines & asking people comment on it so you direct them to a form on your site may be a great idea but be prepared for negative comments & ensure to handle it right away with a positive note to the customer/user.
  9. Contests and offers on Facebook timelines are light but truly entertaining and engaging to the users. Use them along with posts or live videos on FB and link them to your site
  10. Organizing webinars is a way of promoting a business product/service; why not create an event page for it in Facebook and have a CTA on it linking it to your site, so you get the registrations as well as visitors to the site?!
  11. You can target Facebook ads to specific people based on the geography you intend to cover. Boosted posts to show posts to greater number of people, Right hand column ads for cheaper conversions, News feed ads which are a combo of ad and CTA are the top notch ad formats in FB.
  12. Implement lead ads in FB for mobiles that register the users in a quicker pace picking details from the Facebook and add them to your leads!

Does it sound a bit too much on head? These are some simple ways of creating conversions via Facebook and should you need an expert assistance here , .