Increasing Followers + Sales with Volusion's Bulit In Social Media Tools

May 4, 2016

A business owner who doesn’t create a social presence is considered a novice in business today. To make the ecommerce platforms strong and sound, there are some built-in social media tools offered by Volusion making the processes much easier.

To know more on this, let us take a brief on each tool referred in the context.

–Social media profile links to be right there on your website
Most store templates having the buttons for Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest pages in the footer of the website is to be ensured to be taking one to the right social media link; not just having the link for aesthetics makes a sense! A site design change can be used to make the buttons set to Volusion’s social channels. While this change isn’t tough but just a link tweak in the backend, it has to invariably align with driving the users to the relevant social pages.

–Posting onto media is possible from your store? Check!
Volusions is amazing in its capability of allowing the merchants to share the products in the social media pages without having to leave the store. It all takes a few clicks to authorize Volusion to post on the media profiles; login to the Volusion Dashboard » head to the Marketing » Social » add the networks and now you are just there at the right point to ease your users to use the website and media hand in hand!

–Social media product sharing to be on!
Shoppers would love to be able to share their products in a single click to a huge audience; make it possible for them. Enabling the share button for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus in product settings gives shoppers the privilege of sharing a product link to the intended audience; Navigate to Inventory > Products > Settings > All Product Settings page to do the same.

–Volusion social store on Facebook
Facebook is in the finger tip of 1 billion users which Volusion is smart enough to grab so it offers a speciality to let you connect the store to Facebook and for product listing in tabs in the store page. This lets one shop directly from facebook. Look can be customized to reflect branding.

–Youtube integration is for smarter ecommerce businesses to use. Be smart!
Videos are a wonderful way of conveying a message in the smartest, easiest and the most reaching manner. YouTube Video Management feature lets you add till four videos giving your customers the ease to learn about you and your products visually hence strongly.

Starting to experiment the volusion social media built to create the best ecommerce solution for your website shouldn’t be delayed much we suppose if you are keen on increasing sales, or maximize conversions in eCommerce for your online store or estore. Looking for an expert help or advice further, feel free to pat on us!

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