Holiday Email Marketing Ideas to Grab Last Minute Shoppers

November 20, 2017
Holiday Email Marketing Ideas

I bet you must be damn busy with holiday marketing campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner.

As per eCommerce Marketing Statistics, The days from Black Friday through Christmas pull in 50-100% more revenue compared to shopping days throughout the rest of the year.

If you think that now its too late to send emails relating to holiday promotions to the customers, then you may be highly mistaken.

You can still pitch sales through powerful holiday email marketing campaigns and promote sales, as there are many shoppers waiting for last minute attractive discounts and offers.

Below are some holiday email marketing ideas which you can still use to grab the attention of last-minute shoppers –

Create Countdowns Timers

Create a sense of urgency in your email marketing content. If these last minute shoppers feel that they need to decide to buy now otherwise this offer would not last or the item would get sold out, they are likely to convert immediately.

The best way to show this urgency is by creating countdown timers. By alerting the customers of the days, hours or minutes till the offer exists can make the buyers pay attention to it and take an action.

Sending emails with countdown timers can impact the minds of buyers and increase sales of your online store.

Send Deal of the Day

The emails that contain a profitable deal of the day can help the customers in buying items they always wanted at a low price. Many times a customer view a product in your store but doesn’t buy and the reason may be price or any other. Offer the same product at a low price to that particular customers as “Deal of the Day” and you really can close out their holiday shopping.

In the holiday season, the consumers are generally overwhelmed with lot many preparations, shopping, etc., and if you help them by sending such attractive deals of the day, they are surely going to visit your store and buy.

Sneak Peek Email Subject Lines

The biggest challenge of making an email marketing campaign successful is encouraging recipients to open your emails. No matter how attractive offers your emails contain, if your customer doesn’t open that email then all your efforts go waste.

Write some sneak peek email subject lines which can create suspense for your target audience. They should feel curious after reading the subject line and get tempted to open your email.

Out of several emails received by the buyers, they would open only those emails which they find interesting and add some value to them.

You can get inspired by these 100 Killer Holiday Email Marketing Subject Lines to achieve success in your holiday email marketing campaigns.

For example, a subject line like “Buy Worth $35 at $5” can create curiosity and encourage the email recipients to open your email.

Provide 1-2 Days Delivery Option

Just don’t forget that you are targeting last minute shoppers and based on that, you need to provide quick delivery options so that they buy from your store only. Emphasis on quick delivery option in your email to win more customers.

It is holiday time and obviously, online shoppers are buying items either for gifting or using themselves on that special day which is arriving very soon. If that item is not likely to get delivered on that day then their purpose of buying doesn’t get solved and they move to some other store for their requirements.

Providing quick delivery option can help you in even attracting new customers and they remain with you even after the holiday season is over just because they got the items from you on time.

Festival Themed Design

The design of your email is the main criterion of attracting traffic to your website. Holiday-themed email marketing campaign can work wonders for your online store as that would include festive energy in your emails.

There are free holiday themed email templates available which you can use for your marketing campaigns in this festive season. This can help you in setting up your email design in an instant manner and help you in attracting last minute shoppers.

Spread Festive Vibes Using These Holiday Email Marketing Ideas

You already may be having email marketing campaigns running, but adding these ideas would help you in spreading the holiday cheer among last minute buyers.

The more you keep your emails stand out from several other marketing emails dropping in your buyers’ inbox every day, the rejoicing would be the season for you and your online business.

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