Holiday Dashboard for Magento eCommerce stores

Beginning of a new calendar year marks the closure of annual holiday season. Hectic planning and vigorous campaigns have just gone on live for the year’s holiday year, reflecting the past holiday seasons. Last minute purchases give the biggest gains for the Estore. Mobile shopping gives more than 20% of sales during this season for any ecommerce store. In some years, returns from social media for ecommerce had been low so it requires for the online stores to concentrate on other channels of marketing. To make such crucial holiday decisions, we have Magento store that has come up with its Holiday dashboard. Wrong decisions can cost a lot and result in missed opportunities.

The dashboard is completely supported by Magento Analytics who is the leading commerce platform cloud services for analytics. Magento is known for its lead in open source digital platform and cloud based omni-channel solutions which aids the merchants in digital and physical store integration.

Holiday dashboard by magento picks up merchants’ live data and gives the best commerce decision for the upcoming holiday season. How does it help the magento customers?

  • Magento customers compete better in the market
  • They are able to fine tune the customer acquisition by investing more in the highest impact channels
  • 59% more customers are acquired on a daily basis in the season where 39% of the people do a purchase again on the same day or in the same season
  • Email holiday campaigns at the right time to the existing customers
  • Able to make the business teams’ job easier by providing centralized well defined goals to drive performances
  • Comparison against competitors to gain new insights is possible
  • Understanding of customer lifetime value
  • Identification of growth opportunities earlier to the start of holiday season and tune the plans for and after the season.
  • Holiday retail is known to generate close to 25% of the annual revenue from the customers during this season

An expert online marketing consultant quotes holiday campaign ROI saw an increase of 70%, due to decisions driven from magento holiday dashboard and related study.

To get started by yourself, you may check where a demo is scheduled to connect your data to the holiday benchmark report. But then if you require an expert guidance in setting it up, . Do it now for we assure the best in any you may need!