Grow Holiday Email Marketing Lists and Gift Conversions to your Online Store

October 11, 2017
Grow Holiday Email Marketing List

The holiday season is knocking your door and probably you have already started hearing “Jingle bells” in your mind.

Even after giving an attractive holiday theme to website, if you fail to bring visitors to your website then all your efforts can be of no use.

Being an online retailer this holiday season would seem to be a big opportunity for you and would like to make the most out of it right?

But, how would you do that?

Running email marketing campaigns is of course an effective way to increase sales this holiday season. But, if your holiday email marketing list does not upgrade over the period of time, you cannot get the expected results out of your email marketing efforts.

So, if you want to make your email marketing campaign a success, start growing your holiday email marketing lists today so that when holidays arrive, you have a big list of subscribers waiting for your promotional emails every day.

How to grow holiday email marketing lists?

To get answer to this question, you need to understand and apply below mentioned tips and tricks –

Encourage Subscriptions

Why would anyone subscribe to your promotional emails? Very few people would like to receive promotional emails from online retail stores as those type of emails fills their inboxes unnecessarily.

You need to give your visitors some reasons which can benefit them if they subscribe to your emails.

People subscribe to emails only if they feel that those emails would provide something of high value like high discounts, exclusive offers, unique content which can be of great help to them or invitation to events.

While asking your visitors to sign up to your email subscription, explain them the benefits they would avail on joining your email subscription list.

Use Different Ways of Asking for Email Addresses

  • If you have a physical store, you can ask your store visitors to fill up a guest book and enter their email address, so that you can send them emails which can benefit them.
  • You can add a popup on your website asking visitors to register their email address and explain to them how it can benefit by registering.
  • Post on social networking platforms regarding the discount offer you would be providing to new subscribers. For example “first 500 email subscribers get 15% off on first purchase.”
  • Provide referral discount to the present customers providing reference email ids of their friends.

Address to Potential Issues your Subscribers May Have

Let your subscribers know how frequently you will be sending emails. Also, let them know that it is easy to unsubscribe if they don’t find the emails sent by you useful or beneficial enough.

This would encourage your visitors to subscribe without any tension of receiving spam emails which are not useful to them and don’t have the option to unsubscribe.

Make Subscription Process Seamless

Ensure that the process of subscribing is seamless for the subscribers. If the visitor enters their email address and your program returns an error, the visitor may never turn up again to subscribe or even waste time in staying there.

If possible, guide your visitors through entire sign up process to get better results.

Take Help from your Employees

Let your employees know that how important it is to grow your email list. Hold a competition or provide an incentive to your employees in order to encourage them to collect maximum email addresses from the store visitors.

Growing Holiday Email Marketing Lists Seems Simple. But, What Else is Required to Boost Conversions?

Even if you have a high number of subscribers to your promotional emails, these tactics would be really useful in improving holiday sales this year.

Adding email subscribers can help in improving sales but is that all you require to maximize your holiday sales? You also need to ensure that your emails are well-designed to attract the attention of your email subscribers and encourage them to click and buy from your store. For that, you can use these free holiday email templates designed exclusively for Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Christmas to boost your sales this holiday season.

So, what are you waiting for? Just follow these simple steps to grow your email subscribers, send them holiday themed emails and grow your online business drastically this season!!

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