Google AdWords Management – 6 AdWords Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake of Google Adwords

Marketing via search engines and by “pay per click” are doubtlessly powerful for lead generation of estores/ online stores. The techniques involved in it can be quite challenging which means, the Adwords may attract potential customers but may cost much above returns if not managed well through campaigns. So what can you do about the best way to manage Adwords for an eCommerce store? May be some knowledge on the six most common Google adwords mistakes made help? Take a look!

  • Wrong keyword management: Keyword match decides how you organise the keywords on different search types namely broad match, phrase match and exact match.
    • Broad match search means google excels in showing results for any of the keywords used in the search query irrespective of their order.
    • Phrase match search gives results for ads based on same order of phrase which was used for search.
    • Exact match will give you ad results only when user searches for exact keywords in search query. Using broad match will result in a high traffic but lesser conversion. Also if you go for Phase/exact match, it will result in a lesser traffic than broad match thus resulting in better conversion rate;
  • Not using Adgroups: Not using categories for Google Adgroups will result in all confusion on the search of products. For e.g. using a Electronics > Tablets category for tablets search will gives you more powerful search on ads & put your ads in a specific category resulting in better conversion.
  • Use of negative keywords: High click rate of uninterested people on pay per click ads can be a loss for you. So display of ads only for the most suited keywords is important, which is where building negative keywords comes into picture in eliminating such low quality traffic. Free that means no spending occurs, cheap that means no sufficient spending occurs, and similar terms may fall under your negative keyword list. This is necessary to improve the click through rates and scores on your quality and prevent google adwords mistakes.
  • Ad link with landing pages: From search terms to ads to landing pages, it takes a big way to push the intended audience to purchase. So what you give the customers at the end of this journey is very important because their expectations are upon what you show them in this journey; if not met you lose them! Showing a product in the ad then keeping it in some other page rather than displaying it on the same landing page frustrates the customers. Landing pages specifically built for google shopping ads on landing pages are very much necessary and not a time waster in an estore build.
  • Ad extensions: An ad is just too limited, two headlines and a description, that’s it. You can handle the situation by using extensions. Showing more information is a direct merit, additionally you get the advantages of copywriting to compete in the crowd much better. Site links to add more selling points, location to grab the localities, contact numbers, call to action phrases, call out phrases, snippets are some of the extensions well known.
  • Test you Ad position: If you are spending high amounts to position your ad & it appears in lower position, it’s no use. So it is recommended to start with lower bids and then go for higher ad bids. If you test and see that your ad is not appearing in the expected search position, you can then increase your bid amounts.

While Adwords can bring a great deal of business to you, they are very much needing attention in their management regularly. Search engine marketing is a big deal of work in this stand. If you are looking out for consulting towards SEO , .