10 Free Shopify Themes That Will Make Waves in 2019

free shopify themes

Shopify is one of the best platforms to launch your eCommerce store on and here we are presenting best free Shopify themes. If you want to build a kick-ass website which has an appealing look, responsive towards all the platforms, built-in SEO and other managing and marketing features, look no further than Shopify.

The beauty of Shopify is that it offers tons of features that can revamp your eStore 360°. Whether you are having a large inventory or just a handful of products, Shopify ensures to cater to all your needs and requirements.

But the problem is how to choose a Shopify theme that suits your niche amongst so many different themes. Don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Here is a compiled list of 10 free Shopify themes that you must use this year


Simple - free shopify theme

• Perfect for showcasing your products.
• Available in two styles- Light and Beauty.
• Customers can see every minute detail by zooming in and hovering over the product
• Supports a small inventory of products
• The theme features a sidebar menu for displaying your products and other important sections of the store
• It is mobile friendly and supports social media platforms


Narrative - free shopify theme 2019

• The narrative is for the brand and product storytelling
• Available in three styles- Warm, Light, Cold
• Supports a small inventory of products
• Mobile friendly
• Supports high-resolution images with the full-width layout which can be used at the home page for showcasing products
• Using this theme you can fetch videos directly from YouTube and add to your homepage.


Debut - free theme for shopify

• For a small inventory of products
• Available in two styles- Default and Light
• Supports social media
• Features product testimonials at the bottom of the home page. It can be used to market your brand
• Supports high-resolution images for showcasing products
• You can add videos at the home page for visual storytelling


Jumpstart - top free shopify theme

• For crowdfunding campaigns
• Keeps your menu, cart and login details fixed at the top when you scroll down
• Supports videos from YouTube and Vimeo for brand storytelling
• Track the progress of your campaign with this theme
• Features high-resolution product images
• Mobile responsive


Venture - Free Shopify Theme 2019

• For a large inventory of products
• Available in three styles- Snowboards, Outdoors and Boxing
• Display important information such as an ongoing sale or an offer on the top of your store’s home page.
• Using Venture, Categorize products using a multi-column drop-down menu
• Allows customers to filter product on the basis of price, brands, and types.
• Showcase multiple products on your website’s homepage

Recommended: List of


• For medium to large inventories
• Available in two styles- Black&White and Vibrant
• Features a sidebar menu for displaying contents of your store
• The menu stays fix on the top of the homepage as you scroll down
• Boundless displays a full-screen slideshow at the home page. You can add up to 6 product images in the home page slideshow.
• Includes filtering and sorting of products
• Mobile friendly and one of the best free Shopify themes


Brooklyn - Best Free Shopify Theme
• For modern-day apparel stores
• Available in two styles- Classic & Playful.
• A small inventory of products
• Features full-screen slideshow product images at the top of your brand
• Collection of products can be displayed as a grid or collage view
• Provides a newsletter subscription option where a customer can sign up and get updates.
• Supports dropdown navigation


• For a small inventory of products
• Available in two styles-bone and toy
• Displays multiple products as a slideshow at the top of the website’s home page
• Features a sidebar menu for easy access to products and other important information
• Slide-out cart feature
• Product zoom in feature
• Displays product descriptions side by side of the products
• Mobile responsive


• For small to a medium inventory of products
• Available in three styles-Vintage, Fashion, and Modern
• Using Minimal, you can customize your store with navigation styles and typography options
• Customers can zoom in the products
• Allows customers to filter products according to type and sort by best selling and price
• Display multiple product images on your store’s homepage.
• Displays similar products


• For large inventories of products
• Available in two styles- Blue and Light.
• Display Featured collections on home page
• Display important information such as discounts on the home page
• Newsletter subscription feature
• Customers can filter collection page by brand, price, and other option

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Bottom Line

When it comes to online business, the journey is as interesting as the destination. A good build eStore portrays that you care about the customer’s experience. Your is the reflection of your brand- Make sure it is fascinating and meaningful.