Facebook Store Design Tips To Improve Sales In Holiday Season

October 4, 2017
Facebook Store Design

Facebook now has 2 billion monthly active users.

As per the latest statistical report, 20% of online shoppers would be likely to make a purchase from Facebook.

If you really want to maximize sales over your online store this holiday season, you just cannot afford to miss out selling on this giant social networking platform.

But, how to go about selling on Facebook? What Facebook store design trends to follow to achieve success in selling more this holiday season?

These Facebook Store Design Tips Might Help You –

Holiday Themed Banner Design

As soon as your visitors land on your Facebook page, they should get an enthusiastic feeling of holidays very soon approaching.

Banner image on Facebook store should be changed regularly, but when it comes to holiday season it should be designed in the a unique manner. Holiday-themed cover photo would motivate your buyers to visit your Facebook store often and noticing your attractive offers as well as gift ideas.

Multiple cover photos can be created for holidays like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas, etc., and lure customers by showcasing products and holiday deals you want to offer.

Get an attractive holiday-themed banner designed for your Facebook store to experience overwhelming response from your customers.

Enhance Your Profile Photo

Your Facebook profile photo would be first seen by your customers. It should be attractive enough for your Facebook store visitors to stay there and view your holiday promotions and offers.

The best thing you can do is to add some holiday flair to your profile photo. If you don’t want to lose your brand recognition, then you can just add a pumpkin to your logo on Halloween or a Santa cap to your logo on Christmas.

There are many more creative FB store design ideas which you can get executed from professional Facebook store design companies and make your Facebook Page ready for this holiday season.

Analyzing and Planning Ahead of Time

Analyzing and planning ahead of time would always help you in staying competitive.

Go through Facebook Insights and know the days on which your Facebook store experienced maximum traffic so that you can target your customers accordingly.

Prepare a schedule of upcoming holidays coming this holiday season and plan the offers you would like to give away to your customers for each day to pitch sales in the best possible manner.

Introduce New Offers Every Day

So now you have enhanced your store as per holiday theme and also known the days when you can boost your sales. But, what about the offers?

Introducing new offers every day during the holiday season is extremely important to keep your customers engaged with your store.

Spruce up the excitement of your customers by presenting versatile offers in an attractive manner. When new offers like free shipping, BOGO, etc., are found by your customers regularly, obviously sales would improve.

Ensure that you represent your offers in the form of an attractive design so that your customers get motivated to visit your Facebook Store every day.

Layout Modification

Just like other online stores, layout plays a major role in attracting traffic to Facebook store too. Capture the holiday mood by adding festival oriented elements to your store like snow, Santa Cap, Christmas tree, pumpkin, etc., resembling various important days of this wonderful season.

Besides creating holiday mood, you need to ensure that the layout is neat and providing clarity to the products your customers are looking for. You cannot keep it crowded with lot many holiday based elements in the design and make your products unnoticed by your customers.

Showcase clearly what you are selling with crisp content to sell faster on your Facebook store.

Take Your Online Business to Next Level….

The Holiday season is the best opportunity which can be used to take your online business to next level.

Just don’t miss this opportunity. Set up a Facebook Store this holiday season if you have not done this before to maximize profits and grow your business.

In case, you already have a Facebook store and executed Facebook store design ideas practically, let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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