Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences

January 12, 2017
Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences

If you are running an Estore and struggling hard to make it big, continue reading it as it is going to benefit you in one or more ways. How does it feel when an application is recently launched and you are the first person to get to know about it? Awesome feeling it will be, right? Today we are going to discuss about a new feature introduced by Facebook that is much awaited. It’s an option called “Engagement on Facebook,” recently added for “Audience targeting in facebook”.

Now, let us get to know more about how it leads to “Page interactions”. Down there are a few points that needs to be considered to get a clear understanding of the feature.

  • What are Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences
    It is an exciting feature added by the Facebook. With this, the facebook page engagement can be analyzed accurately. Now you must be wondering how to do this. Well, it is a very simple process. If you have a Facebook page, (obviously you will be having one and if you don’t have, hurry and create it right away) and go to the “Power editor” or “Ads Manager” option. There you will find an “Engagement on Facebook” option. You just have to click on the link and a pop up will appear with different options. With this option, you can specify what type of audience you want to select. For example, the audience that watched the videos for 10 seconds or more within different time spans.
  • Customize the Audiences as per requirement
    Audience targeting in facebook is really important aspect for easing the work done for promotions. With this, multiple audiences can be created and multiple videos can be assigned to a single group. Also, the duration can also be filtered. It will increase the facebook page engagement. Some of the people were confused between the feature “Video views custom audiences” and “Engagement on Facebook Custom Audience.” But now with the features discussed above, it is clear that the latter is different and useful for Estore or other business promotions.
  • What are the features helpful for online store
    We all know that video sharing is in trend now a day and those who have not adopted this yet are left behind. With the current feature, the flexibility of video sharing among the varied audience has been a plus point. Now, the target audience can be focused on easily, increasing the “Page interactions.”

Till now we are assuming that online store is going to be benefited by the approach. Though they will for sure be helpful for the ecommerce store, but are we thinking about the loopholes till not considered like the people who liked the page, etc. We just hope Facebook is working out on the other features that are required. As we want to be a helping hand for you in every walk of your life, if you also have an ecommerce store and require social media marketing service, you can contact us. Also, have a look at the services we provide may be you are lacking one.

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