Why Every Ecommerce Business Needs a Blog?

July 14, 2016
Why Every Ecommerce Business Needs a Blog?

People who think blog sites are ways of distracting website visitors away from cart and purchase pages in an ecommerce store are pitiful enough that they aren’t updated with the growing trends of blogging in marketing online stores yet!

  • Blogging gives a personified image to your online store. It takes you away from the mundane age-old way of ‘calling’ the visitors to the store asking them to check the products, buy and walk off. With blogs, you give a way to the people to read on you and feel more connected to the business you do.
  • More blogging results in more pages for blogging on a site which means a visitor gets more points of entry to the site meaning you invite more people site in various ways.
  • Search traffic is known to go up due to blogging pages on an ecommerce site. This is simply because Google and other search bots get to know your site is fresh and updated. More content on the site means more phrases of search or more keywords are exposed to the visitors!
  • Blogging lets people to share the content on your site, inviting more people to visit the site. Sharing different dimensions of the business on different social sites quite obviously increases the chances of more people knowing about your business and making way for more ecommerce site conversions.
  • Every blog can push people to a different purchase page; have you thought about it? It’s not just about product blogging but even on success snap shots, good feedbacks, trends in the field you do business, questions asked by the people & the answers given, and a lot more; basically for whichever subjects you would have never thought of a way to convey to people, you now have blogs!
  • More blog pages mean more back links; this connects to expanding the scope of sharing your business more and more for more eStore conversions!
  • Make sure your blogs have a tone of authority convincing people that you are a leader. You may even offer tips/advice on specific products/services via blogs!
  • Blog reveals your personality. Defining the brand with blog posts and giving the visitors a chance to comment on it is a healthy way known for business communications, than you can do with other marketing methods!
  • Subscribe boxes/offers/sign up forms in amalgamation with blogs allow people to opt in for more at you.

Have you heard about the well-known US glass pool manufacturing company whose business member wrote an awesome piece of blog that got ranked first in Google and he got interviewed by the famous New York Times for the same!

More than Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest you need someone to do the promotions; Not a better way than blogs! Believe this! If you make up your mind to create the best community via blogging, Blogger template design & services at us is ensured to help you with all that you may need! Contact us.

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