eStore trends to follow in 2017


Mobile websites are in the vogue now a day. And it is assumed that in the coming year that is 2017, these designs are going to be followed. As these designs are adapted to be used for the laptop and desktop they are going to continue throughout the next year. With the recent website trends we cannot exactly conclude what type of designs would be followed as the designs totally depend on what a designer thinks at that moment of time. But yes, whatever the trend would be a responsive website can never go out of the frame.

Let’s discuss about the assumptions about what could be the website trends in the coming year, to update our ecommerce store accordingly.

  • Material Design by Google
    Google has introduced the material Design in 2014 for Android. So, if you are searching for a nice mobile layout, you must go for it as it is responsive also. They are being chosen by many ecommerce store holder and also it is going to continue in the coming year.
  • Shifting of Hamburgers from right to left
    Till date all the Estore developers placed the Hamburger menu on the right for the websites using Bootstrap framework. But now, the trend has changed. Many sites have started placing the hamburger menu on the left side. This is one of the latest ecommerce store trends, that is assumed to get maximum attention of the site visitors. So, change your hamburger menu right away to revamp your website with the latest change.
  • GIF is going to return with a bang
    When a little effect is added to a GIF file to make it a little bit attractive it is called Cinemagraph. It is expected to be in the ecommerce store trends next year. Let see if they will really captivate customers and continue.
  • Loading on page scroll
    Loading a product when it is really needed can be a great idea for the developers as well as for minimizing the loading time per page. In a mobile Estore, when the page is scrolled down the object load when their turn comes. This way, the online store will become user friendly as customers do not have to switch to the other page to see more products and can be a great change for 2017.
  • Mobile friendly websites
    We all are familiar with the use of mobile. Whenever we are travelling or get some free time, we start surfing on the mobile we own. At that time we either check out our social media account or we check an online store to see if we can buy something. So, the use of mobile is inflating. Thus, increasing the mobile websites would be the first call for 2017. Now, some more changes like with the responsive website the image and the button size are going to be increased.

The above mentioned are a few changes that are going to be the change in the coming year. As all the changes cannot be briefed here, there may be possibility that the background or we can say the layout would be available as per the user. For example, if the age of the user is in between 10-15 years, cartoon may be included in the layout, to attract more customers. If you have queries about the same, or want to know more about what would be the trend in 2017, us and check out our .