An essential element of eRetail : Greater user-friendly

user friendly experience

User experience is the heart of a successful business firm; it is the most important element of eCommerce for high eStore conversions and long term successes of any estore business in the market! How do you create a userfriendly interface on your ecommerce platform?

User friendliness based on specific customers: One firstly needs to realize the type of userfriendly interface required for his eCommerce store. Are you running a boutique shop or a designer cloth or a dress shop? Then, being personalized to the users is necessary. Are you a merchandise like ASDA or Walmart? People visiting such shops know what they want and tend to quickly grab and walk out. So whatever you do to project you are great to users, should be done rapidly and before all these grabbing’s can happen; say probably in the ‘greeting’ portion of the whole journey? A great user interface should project what your business strengths are and also convey how it caters to the user’s needs!

Project the new store features: Have you made any changes lately to your estore? Some stop by, just to grab things and walk out while some others tend to get attracted to the newness and beauty. Make sure to easily point out the changes, to the haste shoppers! May be you can put up a modal window to show the new features explicitly, as in, something that reads “Hey, just thought to let you know we’ve made these for your better experience! Read more? Continue shopping?”. Or you can go for tools like , to guide users based on their preferences.

Be smart to up-sell and cross sell: Have you ever given a thought on the best ways to up-selling and cross selling? They contribute to more than 30% of revenue in eCommerce, research says! You can easily sell to those you know than to new prospects. Find out, what are the problems faced by the existing customers. Sell them the best solution your store has, for those problems. Be sure to know the customer needs so you can sell the right thing at the right moment to the right audience. Show a limited version of what you have so that the people relish it; let them seek for more and now you have the chance to up-sell at the best profit! Examine the customers’ past and offer recommendations accordingly. Make smart pricing on bundled items so you cross sell in the right direction.

Use your customer support team: Have you got a smart customer support team? Use them for your good; use them for cross selling! If they are able to draw a pattern of the issues faced by a customer, the customer can be offered specific services of your company, as a solution. Such customers would be left with no choice but to accept the offer. Don’t be too ‘salesy’! Beware! Make sure you really solve at least one of their few issues.

Appreciate your customers: When a potential buyer adds an item to your estore cart, they have already spent their valuable time with you and taken a risk to buy from you! Well, we mean it. So how do you make your customer feel good at this point? Show them you celebrate them. Show them pop up messages to convey they are not going to regret the buy. Use modal windows, to appreciate the customer decision and to lead them to checkout the current item or recommend related items! Pay their loyalty by annual greeting messages or timely offers or wishing them on their birthdays and special days. Don’t overdo.

Help your customers: Guide customers to achieve their goals. Instigating the support and product teams to provide better user experience equals helping buyers to achieve their product or service goals!

Don’t miss out on basics: Make sure your website is easy in navigation. Ensure aesthetics is pleasant to the people eye. Don’t miss out on being mobile friendly. Make sure to have your customer support do instant chat to solve problems instantly. Show the security certifications on the UI. Do all that takes to win customer trust!

That’s a good detail on bringing out the best user experience fruit for your eRetail stores, we believe. A solid grasp of these simple yet powerful elements is sure to make wonders in sales and revenue! Have questions? Or Need to