Ecommerce Trends That Will Change 2016 E-Marketing Scenario

Ecommerce Trends That Will Change 2016 E-Marketing Scenario

The digital developments and trends that are expected to shape the ecommerce industry marketing keep changing every year. More media buying, ad-blocker services, accommodating cultural changes, stream lining & enhancing the media channel connect, incorporating upcoming payment options, moves to be agile & more, implementing more personalisation options, Omni-channel experience, better UX and loads more are spoken of in context of ecommerce trends for 2016. 3D printings, internet of things are some brand new trends that are yet to be known to most of us.

Having a focus on international stands gives one a global accessibility. More connect occurs by way of which better marketing of the business happens leading to more prospects which gradually become the customers.

Consumers looking forward for advanced user experiences would be fascinated if you provide them multiple channels at the same time so they get to compare the different ecommerce channels for price and product specifications before making a choice. This enables retailers to sell on multiple platforms reaching out to more people. Automating order processing and submissions using the relevant tools can be adding a value.

Mobile or responsive site optimization is important so the users get a similar great experience in hand held devices as well enabling more user connect and quicker conversions. Users needn’t have to wait for buying using the desktop sit once they decide to buy or browse or chat using their mobile devices.

Marchitecture that’s the combination of marketing and architecture talks about optimizing the processes involved in both web build and then the business marketing. Launching channels, improving UX, data analytics, technology buy and implementation, system integration for accommodating various needs as in social and mobile and so come as a part of it. How happy are we at the data integrity processes, data models powering the digital marketing content & strategy, marketing rules followed, enhancing user experience on various channels and devices, marketing stack used (Datapipe, intelligenceBank, uberFlip are among those who have won Marketing Technology Stack Awards for their best marketing strategies).

Though there are loads of data for us to analyse and streamline our marketing strategy, unless we have definite logic as middleware marketing forms to drive the marketing automation.

Customer Relationship Management CRM and Data Management Platforms DMPs are quite complex and need expert knowledge to do the right architect of them. Dumping the data for media and giving it to a management consultancy for CRM isn’t quite a nice idea but then opening up back office data to the agency and using them for margin/sales metrics rather than for traditional metrics is of a better value.

Push marketing is pushing the products to customers by any means; pull marketing is motivating the users to buy your products. Push marketing in forms of messaging, promotional mails, notifications and so are considered to get more popularity in upcoming years.

Blending of digital and physical like Amazon that opened a bookshop, Google’s store in London, Pizza hut box turning into a projector are all great examples of how digital is enhanced to give a physical connect & better manifestation.

Digital culture that’s being adapted should be customer-centric, collaborative, agile, data-driven and transparent enough. Seeking for digital transformation services for an expert help is being wise!

Growing mobile, modifying the age old rules like Twitter that modified its 140 character limit, getting responsive that’s responsive eStores/user friendly eStores/mobile friendly eStores in web development, adopting e-marketing trends, creating a blog site for the platform are some of the characteristics of a mature ecommerce site businessman, in addition to the above trends. Should you require assistance anywhere, and you are assured the best!