eCommerce Trends 2019 : Planning for Post Holiday Season

January 1, 2019
eCommerce Trends 2018

Rolled up your sleeves for holiday season?

Yes, by this time you must be ready with all your holiday marketing campaigns to make the most out of this season.

You would be glad to know that eCommerce sales is expected to reach $114 billion between November and January this year.

But, what about the post-holiday season? Have you thought about it? Would you be able to keep profits growing even after the holiday season is over?

If you want your business to grow and scale even after the holiday season, you need to know below-mentioned eCommerce trends which are predicted to help you win in the year 2019.

High Awareness in Online Shoppers

Today’s buyer has all the information on his/her fingertips. They can search for any product and service globally and compare the prices within few minutes.

Thus, their expectations out of online retailers have increased. They desire for best services at cheapest prices. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, you are going to attract knowledgeable buyers who would be making informed buying decisions.

Answering to customers’ queries and demands would become imperative in 2019.

Seamless Experience Using Automated Tools

Online marketing techniques continuously evolve, and automated tools for important tasks like inventory management, order fulfillment, etc., has become a necessity for retailers to give a seamless shopping experience to the customers.

Automated tools help you to work in a systematic manner with accuracy. A single mistake is enough to drag away the customer from your online business. Just consider this as an investment to give your business a boost now and in future.

Start Selling on Different Marketplaces

As you know Amazon is preferred over Google while searching for products, it becomes important to target that high volume of customers by selling on Amazon too. Isn’t it.

Similarly, why should you miss selling to customers looking for your products on eBay, Rakuten, Sears, etc.?

Just embrace multiple marketplaces to sell your products and services to lead your niche market.

Use Live Video to Advertise

Live video drives 300 times more engagement than non-live videos. Moreover, as live video streaming is inexpensive, it has become a preferable digital marketing option for brands looking for affordable ways to advertise their products and services.

Face filters by Instagram and interactive video streaming by Amazon Live proves that you cannot ignore this mode of digital marketing in 2019.

Retargeting Advertisements

Now, this is a wonderful way to bring back the customers who have abandoned the cart on your store or have just viewed the products but not purchased at that time.

For example, if a visitor has viewed a specific product in your store. How about offering that same product at a lower rate by showing them an ad on their Facebook page?

This method of digital marketing has become quite effective for eCommerce business. The visitors are reminded of the products they have visited or left in the cart. This strategy really works as branded searches increased by 1046 percent and site visitation increased by 726 percent after 4 weeks of applying retargeting advertisements.

Social Influencing

The way social media algorithms have evolved, you just cannot ignore social media influencing. To get noticed on social media has become quite challenging as most of the brands now market on social media platforms.

The known personalities or celebrities recommending your business can help you get more visitors and later on conversions.

Final Thoughts on eCommerce Trends 2019

Although, you must be busy in executing your holiday marketing strategies, the right time to plan the digital marketing strategy for 2019 is now. The online retailers failing to execute the new evolving digital marketing trends may lag behind their competitors.

Here, we have covered almost all the important eCommerce trends which can bring a revolution to the online retail industry in 2019. By executing these trends in your digital marketing strategy would be a sure-fire way to achieve success on a long-term basis.

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