eCommerce Product Page Design Elements That Can Boost Conversion Rate

October 24, 2017
eCommerce product page design

The job of convincing a visitor to buy from your online store usually starts from your product page. Everyone knows that the product page is the first ambassador of your online store. A well-designed product page providing excellent user experience can sell better and improve conversion rates.

There is a lot of investment in terms of money and time involved to bring visitors to your product landing page. Obviously, you would like to grab the opportunity of converting maximum visitors to your customers and improving sales.

But, 96% of visitors on your online store are not ready to buy. So, how can you convince your visitors to buy from your store? It usually starts with your product page design.

Here, we will discuss some product page design elements which can convert your visitors to buyers and then convert those buyers to loyal customers.

Accurate Product Data Entry

Are your product details accurate on your eCommerce store? Are you regularly updating product information over your eCommerce store to sustain your customers?

Accurate product data entry can help you in building the confidence of your potential buyers for your products and services. Any chance of error or misleading information can make you lose your customer forever.

Thus, the first and most important requirement of a good product page design would be accurate product data entry.

Attractive Product Image

Shoppers would never buy a product from your website if they are not able to view it’s image properly. You need to ensure that your product images are attractive enough to lure your customers.

Don’t forget to keep those images zoomable. Your customers are about to take an important decision of buying a product from your store. Make that decision process easier by keeping the right and clear product image in front of your potential customers and win more sales.

Also, you need to ensure that your product images get loaded quicker for excellent user experience.

Appealing Product Title and Description

The product title and description can be a great opportunity to win the trust of your online store visitors.

Make the buying process simple and seamless by providing an appealing product title with informative description. Keep it short and precise. But, provide all the information like size, fabric, dimensions, etc., required to make an instant buying decision.

The product page not having enough information is likely to have a higher bounce rate.

While writing content for your product page you need to ensure that you consider your buyers’ persona. Create original and enticing content to encourage the shoppers to buy only from your store.

Proper Sizing Guide

If the selection of your product highly depends on the sizes, it becomes important to provide a proper sizing guide to the visitors.

The shoppers get annoyed when they get a wrong sized product delivered as they don’t want to indulge themselves in returns processes. Thus, they always want to buy the right size which suits them.

If proper sizing guide is not available, the shoppers may leave your product page and move on to your competitors’ websites.

Ensure, that you provide a proper sizing guide to make the buying decision for your customers easier.

Positive Product Reviews

The product page including positive product reviews can be the best conversion tactic.

The positive product reviews show that you sell high-quality products and also you have satisfied customers. So, it is a win-win situation to have product reviews on your product page.

Encourage your present customers to post reviews about your products as it would not only benefit your potential buyers to get information about your products but will also tell you about your product flaws if any.

Emphasized Add to Cart and Buy Now Button

Now, this is the most important element of your product page design.

Keep this part emphasized as this would help you with your conversions. Using loud colors for this button would definitely not help you but keep it different from the other elements of your product page.

Choose the right position for this button, so that your visitors get visually prompted to buy the product.

Suggesting Relevant Products

Suggesting relevant products depending on your customers’ browsing or purchasing history can encourage them to buy more.

Many online fashion stores show matching handbags which match to the outfit the buyer is viewing. This can tempt the shopper to buy the handbag too with the outfit they are going to purchase.

Just ensure that the suggested products are properly placed on the product pages below the necessary information the buyer is looking for.

Social Media Sharing

Your product page should enable the visitor to like and share the items they like. That would enable you to popularize your products and increase sales.

Enabling social media sharing on your product page is inviting more customers ultimately leading you towards increased traffic and growth in sales.

eCommerce Product Page Design Elements: Putting it All Together

Now, when you know which are the most important product page design elements, you would also like to know how to put up these elements for better results.

Choose the right colors, right text and right position for these design elements for the best user experience. Moreover, ensure that entire design is mobile friendly.

Here, we might have touched only the tip of the iceberg, as there are many other important elements also like live chat, loading speed, etc., which might make or break your business.

The tricks working for other businesses might not work for you and vice versa. Have more tips which can make your product page yield more business? Let us know in the comments section below.

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