What is eCommerce Multi-Screen Strategy and why your eStore needs?

What is eCommerce Multi-Screen Strategy and why your eStore needs?

Online shoppers check for a product in one device and end up buying it another, the simple reason being their extravagant need for browsing for the same product in various sites at various times in various places and completing the purchase in the device at hand at the exact moment they are convinced. To make such a shopping experience good enough, multi-screen strategy is a must to be considered in the web development of an ecommerce platform.

To get an understanding of the digital interactions of multi screen shoppers, it is required we make a note of a few facts as below,

  • Our major media interactions are screen based everyday; less than 15% of the communications are non screen based. Much of our leisure is spent in front of the screens.
  • Of these times online, we mainly tend to use 4 devices: smart phones, laptop/pc, television and tablet where television grabs the maximum time spent per interaction with laptops, tablets and smart phones following it in the sequence.
  • The choice of the device is driven by where we are, the time we can allocate, the goal to be accomplished, our location and the state of mind.
  • If it is just about checking a product feedback or something similar and minor, we are happy doing it in a mobile. If it is a work-related check, then the laptop is chosen. For emails or other things in between a formal work and a way-too-casual need, we go for tablets. Don’t be surprised to know most people have at least one of each of these at home!
  • To talk on estores or an online purchase, some of who start using a smart phone, that forms the highest % of users, goes for a tablet to finish the purchase; some of who start with a pc go for completion in a tablet.

What to keep in mind while creating a multi screen strategy?

  • Responsive eStores/ mobile friendly eStores are a must; it makes the user experience great, faster and is highly cost effective. To get the maximum audience satisfaction, there isn’t a choice other than going responsive!
  • Have an app-friendly and user friendly eStore. It’s not just the mobile apps but even the TV apps that are to be considered. Customizing the screens in the applications based on the customers is very much necessary!
  • Being adaptable in the content design is important. Content layout has to support the base device. Fluid website, column drop, tiny tweaks and such multi layout patterns go within the strategy.
  • Make the multi screen marketing stronger. Consistent online marketing to the point conveying clear messages is necessary!

Every change comes up for a reason; adapting to the change is the best to stand above the crowd in the competitive markets. Knowing the nuances of the growing technology and implications, a customer centric strategy incorporating a multi-screen website is something you wouldn’t want to implement! Should you need an expert advice here or in , .