Infographic: 10 eCommerce Homepage Design Elements In Every Successful Online Store

What are those key elements which can help you in differentiating your eCommerce store from others?

Your answer can be the products and their price, right?

The consumers these days value the experience above the products and their prices displayed on your store. They are ready to pay more if their overall shopping experience is awesome on your store.

As per the , 95% of the visitors agreed that good user experience is everything that really matters.

Significance of eCommerce Homepage Design

The Homepage is a place which helps in establishing first impression of your store. If the Homepage is not appealing enough, your visitors might not even visit your product pages. This would increase the bounce rate of your store and obviously, no products sold.

Thus, eCommerce Homepage design plays a major role in enhancing user experience. Good user experience  result to increase in sales.

Key Elements of eCommerce Homepage Design

The designing of the Homepage of your eCommerce website, requires to include several significant elements. These elements can help in improving the design and functionality of the store.

In this fast changing and competitive business environment, the elements which are new and working today may not be so effective tomorrow. Thus, it becomes evident to keep your eCommerce Homepage updated with latest key elements your visitors are looking for.

Here, in this infographic, we have listed 10 eCommerce Homepage design elements which your store to grow in terms of sales and conversions.

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All the above eCommerce Homepage design elements are worth considering for your online store. Just execute these tweaks to improve the user experience and and make your online store appealing and attractive. Want help in implementing these ideas? Contact - your eStore Handyman.