Ecommerce game-changer in 2017

Ecommerce game-changer in 2017

It’s evident from the recent research findings that shoppers spend a lot of their time researching for the product of their interest on your ecommerce store before deciding to buy one. Getting a view on the customer behaviour and enhancing solutions to cater to the customer needs will definitely bring in more product conversions & gradually increase sales. Real time analytics is going to bring in a revolution in ecommerce businesses. Software solutions like kissmetrics and related solutions like Mixpanel and Hubspot help you analyse every interaction of your customer using the tracking signals for all of your sale channels. This new ecommerce store trend will give you an understanding of the customer behaviour, so you can make necessary changes to your ecommerce store to improve conversions across the sale channels.

We all know that good customer service ultimately drags users to online stores; Furthermore, increasing interactions with the current and prospective customers on the store is becoming a new website trend setter now. Live customer service software’s like zendesk, Groove and keenly engage customers to answer their queries real-time via online chat, social media, message, phone etc. These responsive websites will engage customers actively by:

  • Advertising special offers to loyal customers
  • Post valuable information frequently/regularly & provide latest information to customers
  • Send important updates through emails or newsletters
  • Answer queries through videos or social networking sites

With trending mobile devices and high usage of smartphones/tablets all over the world, mobile shopping Is catching up and mobile ecommerce driven revenue is forecasted to increase by at least 50 % in 2017. With already existing robust mobile apps, mobile wallets like Google Wallet, Lemon Wallet are going to take centre stage in the year to come so integrating your mobile app with a wallet will further enhance your sales in the coming year.

Even with so much improvement in technology and ecommerce shopping, online shoppers don’t get to touch or wear an item before deciding to buy them. Thus, resulting in high rate of returns & hence a robust return management, through software solutions like Readyreturns, which automate the entire return process and also update the return item inventory in warehouse dynamically, are sure to maximise customer satisfaction.

Social commerce is the new trend in market today. Solsdie, for example allow high conversion referrals from social sites like Instagram by improving click through rates, comments selling & facebook. These trends further facilitate social referrals and bring in more customers on to your estores.

If you are on a lookout for more details of these trend-setting software to improve your estore experience in the year to come or for facelift services, us now.