Infographic: The What, Why & How of E-commerce Personalization

Until the day we start selling stuff to robots, the importance of e-commerce personalization is not going to fade even a tad bit. The overall experience of personalization in e-commerce is as old as old gets.

, 48% of US marketers reported that personalization on their websites or apps lifted revenues in excess of 10%.

Today, every website has its own way of delivering a personalized online experience. What distinguishes successful online retailers from others? It is the art of effective personalization in e-commerce.

There is a thin line between providing a personalized experience and making your customers frustrated. Frustrated with too many questions or suggestions. Sometimes, online retailers use personalization engines that bombard customers with irrelevant questions and suggestions, making the overall experience gaudy.

E-commerce personalization if done effectively, can make your sales funnel seamless.

  • It gives a boost to an online store’s customer experience.
  • becomes ever so stronger.
  • Elevated conversion rates. Since e-commerce personalization provides selective attention to customers, each of them displays a certain inclination towards your website.

The importance of personalization in e-commerce cannot be ignored. Here is The What, Why & How of E-commerce Personalization.

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Over the years, e-commerce has evolved in and out. However, personalization in e-commerce still reverberates around every corner of an online store. How you make people feel, is all that matters at the end.