Drive traffic & increase sales for your eStore through social medias

Drive traffic & increase sales for your eStore through social medias

Using social media for businesses isn’t just a topic of discussion anymore but the one currently being live making its mark all over ecommerce & other businesses. How do you think you can make use of this social media revolution in favour of your online ecommerce? What should your ecommerce platform do or how should it be designed in view of increasing the ecommerce sales via social networking sites?

  • To start with, set your goal. Have clarity in what amount of traffic you target to get from the media, how many followers you expect, what is the ideal ratio of visitors to conversions according to you, ratio of number of posts you put to the engagement you see, audience growth to sales ratio and so.
  • Get to know what your customer wants; watch out the interactions they do on the media sites as that’s where they talk the most.
  • Use the best website analytics to get details on customer behaviour, so you can streamline what you post and where. Make sure to check the historic data so as to use them in forming the marketing strategy/good practices.
  • Build a relationship at the first place, share information that’s useful to the customer in near/short future. Use social media to make the best of B2C campaigns.
  • Create a push by using words like “Limited benefit for the day. Check out now!” this is the tactic social commerce sites use to push the customer to buy right then!
  • Give insights to the visitors on the areas of your speciality, trends in those areas and how you suffice the trends and customer expectations.
  • Constant/periodic connect with the customer is very important to give him the trust you care for him, to make them feel appreciated and to let them know their value to you. Use live chats or mails or social media post tagging or so to create the nexus!
  • Create the marketing strategy based on the location your targeted customers are based at. Bluetooth Low Energy technique, dimensions by Social-Local-Mobile are all some that make way for locality based marketing.
  • Make pleasing visuals, let customers know what you mean to them, apt CTA techniques as in pay per click or so, use the technique of ‘suggested post’, ‘you liked this earlier’ in the campaigns which has proved to bring in potential buyers!

To take a few examples of social media sites that can help you sell, check out the below,

  • Facebook store is one application that lets you create a store for the products you look to sell and provides you with additional data on analytics, provision to set up customer offers and so
  • Pinterest has the feature where you can buy products posted on the site with a certain number of buyable pins; posting alluring images some of which are really buy-able is a smart act to sell!
  • Tumblr has all sets of features to attract a specific crowd of people. May be your customer target is somewhere close it? May be you can make use of Tumblr indexing in search engines? Tumblr makes responsive estores possible for you. Think about it!
  • Instagram uses a great way to share images and products where the sellers get to show their products in the convenient filters, targeting the specific set of users whom the instagram code refers in its hash tags!

To set up a stable social media presence by way of establishing a simple yet strong customer interface in your estore or to receive any assistance in web design for estore or , just ask us for you are assured the best and only the !